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Counter Strike

Counter Strike is multiplayer game where you can play from 2 to 32 people at the same time. You play in two teams and its purpose is to kill the enemy and complete certain tasks. You can choose to be just a spectator and watch the games and follow the games, but you can't play


Crunchyroll is a streaming site, they only have anime and manga series and movies. You can't find the classic hollywood movies at this site. Crunchyroll is free, often the first episodes of big series are free, there will apear advertising though. But to get unlimited acxess to the movies and series, and HD quality you would get Crunchyroll premium membership


Safari is the fastest and most battery-saving web browser for all iOS and iPadOS devices. You do not have to worry about surfing in Safari. Many features are concerned about your privacy and security. A wide selection of widgets and numerous extensions let you customize the browser to your needs. Convince yourself of it