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Updated 03.06.2020

If you are looking for a new fps battle royal game, you should definitely download Apex Legends. One of the best games of 2019 that has reached 50 million players in just one month! In this guide I will explain what are the Apex legends and the main features of the game
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Category : Battle royal, FPS
Developer : Electronic Arts, Respawn Entrentaiment
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If you are looking for a new game where you can spend hours of games without getting tired, Apex legends is what you were looking for!

Apex Legends is a new free-to-play (therefore totally free) battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment under Electronic Arts, only this should already attract attention.

EA is one of the best game developers, of various kinds. The new apex legends is based on the model that almost all the new FPS games are aimed at, but it is not only this that determines its success, in fact, the game was launched in early February and in a few weeks broke all records, reaching 25 million users and a maximum of 2 million at the same time.

According to Respawn entrentaiment, Apex offers a gaming experience in its style, relying heavily on its jewel Titanfall 2, in fact, the world of Apex is also that of Titanfall, as well as the very weapons and dynamics of the game, the game Then follow the path taken by PUBG and Fortnite, but with important differences, which in my opinion, will make this game a great success.


In this game we can find that legends are quite cool characters and that each legend has unique abilities and stories. All legends are divided into three groups: Offensive, Offensive, Support, and Racon Legends.

Like many other Battle Royale type games, you must choose the place where you will start the game and you must choose a suitable one. Losing around the 500 meter range is the most optimal way to do it and all you have to do is look directly where you want to land. You are falling anywhere from the range of 700 to 1000 meters, use the Dolphin diving method to maximize speed and distance, and really know how to get to where you want to be. Don't forget to look around you to get an idea of ​​how many teams are landing nearby. As you fall, make sure to branch out to your teammates so they don't come out of their loot and don't go into yours. Just make sure you're close in case they get into an early fight. Instead of healing in fights, you can grab hot swap armor if you can and continue.

Some pistols may seem silly, but you really care about getting better, you should wear masks that are not that crowded. If you ping something your teammate wants and it is a bit far away instead of wasting more time looting, pick it up. them if you have the space. Don't forget that this game is all about efficiency. Doors are one of the most useful tools in this game. You can block people from opening them if you are on the road giving you time to heal or even recharge.

Also, if you know someone is blocking doors, grenades can easily blow doors open, and the termination grenade can damage the door and hit people who are healing behind it. Just don't hurt yourself with your own termite. Another good tip will be to stop your habit of always thirsting for fallen enemies. Just try to kill them all, especially when your team is still fighting.

If you are thirsty, be enemies with high value items like gold armor or especially gold takedowns as they can sell supply themselves. The best way to quickly thirst is to use a thermite grenade. It is not so recommended to use a finisher unless you know for sure that you are safe or the last member of your squad with a golden shield. Finishers are now really useful because they replenish their shields.

The first storm may seem scary, but don't be afraid to fight if your enemies are easy targets. You won't die as easily in the first storm, but make sure you have syringes and medicine cabinets. But the last storms are a different story that you should avoid at all costs. The last tip will be to divide the duties when reviving to save time. If your teammate is dead, one of them can grab the banner and the other can revive instead of both grabbing the banner and both reviving.

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Price: Free
Category : Battle royal, FPS
Developer : Electronic Arts, Respawn Entrentaiment
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About ..

Apex legends is essentially a real FPS battle, so in first person, where 3 teams fight for a total of 20 teams and 60 players in play.

When you start a game, the news immediately begins, unlike PUBG and Fortnite, when you want to launch from the spaceship, in this case, there will be a JumpMaster, which is a leader who will decide where the whole team will be launched, you can suggest a point 'Pingando' the destiny in the map, but when the JumpMaster decides to throw itself, all the equipment will be tied to him, unless you want to select the throw in solitaire, that of course I do not recommend it.

The biggest novelty of the game is surely the Legends, in fact, every time you want to start a game, you will have to select the character to play with, the combination of legends in a team will be essential to win.

The first legends are available immediately, while the last two (Cáustic and Mirage) must be unlocked by advancing the levels and accumulating the coins of the game. Each legend has a passive ability, an intermediate skill and a maxim, we have, for example, Lifeline, who is a real doctor and his intermediate skill launches a robot capable of healing you and your companions, Bloodhound is a true hunter that with his passive skill can see the footsteps of the enemies and with intermediate skill launches a scanner to see if there is any enemy nearby.

Wraith, is another very strong legend, that with its intermediate ability can become invisible to be able to reposition itself in a different place, Mirage, another very interesting legend, can launch holograms that can distract the enemies. The legends are a very interesting aspect of this game, which you can use to get a good team game, for example with Lifeline, Bloodhound and Gibraltrar, each legend also has its own 'Hitbox', that is, we have smaller legends and more difficult to guess, like Wraith and more impressive legends like Gibraltrar and Caustic.

The news does not end here, the other great novelty is the possibility of return, in fact, once murdered, if they do not revive you, your companions will be able to recover you through the 're-entry transmitters'. In addition to the simple weapons, on the map you will find accessories that you can combine with your weapons, such as the 'tongue stabilizer' that will reduce the recoil or the 'kick' that will increase the mobility of the weapon.

You will find standard accessories, 'intermediate', 'epic' and 'legendary', if in the game you have selected Lifeline, your ultimate will allow you to call a small ship that can provide legendary accessories or weapons, in all cases, in the game Some of these spaceships will fall at random points on the map. The developers have announced the presence of great news, which will be launched during the year.

Surely one of the most anticipated is the launch of new legends that will make the game more interesting and competitive, but also expect new weapons and perhaps new modes and maps, in fact, only the team mode with 3 players is still present, the rumors say that it will be launched in individual mode, in pairs or perhaps in teams of 5 players. In addition, rumors say that the private mode will be implemented, which is undoubtedly important for the competitive one.

Apex is a game that is an important part of the cooperation between the team, which is essential to achieve victory, so a great tip is to stay close to your team, do not stray too far and take advantage of your legend's skills to help to the team

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- Always play with your team

- Use the skills of the legends to help you and your team.

- Choose a suitable launching destination, to find good weapons and not find enemies.

- Play with friends talking with auricolares

- First person fps, for those who have always played these types of games, this is a great advantage.

- Very good graphics.

- Game based on legends and cooperation with the team.

- Is free.
- Lack of modalities, such as solo or as a couple.

- The limited number of legends.

- The lack of the multiplatform, then the lack of the possibility of playing from different consoles.

- Some skins are too expensive, being very difficult to access without having to pay in exchange, no matter how well you play

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