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Updated 03.06.2020

Candy Crush Saga is one of the most popular games in history, with millions of players around the world and that will make you go crazy for candy
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On April 12, 2012 will be remembered by many as the day of the market launch of the Candy Crush Saga, one of the most successful games of all time. It started as a game integrated in Facebook, but given its enormous success and the huge number of players who each day accessed it to enjoy it, it ended up making the jump, that same year, to Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

In little more than three months available in the market managed to overcome a record that seemed unattainable, and that was none other than the one set by Farm Ville 2, to date the most popular game of Facebook with an average of 46 million users per month . On April 12, 2012, he made a landing on Android, iOS and Windows Phone, given the enormous success he enjoyed worldwide.

Since then he has only known how to reap success, and today remains one of the most popular games on all platforms that is available, raising millionaire income for King, the developer of the game, which has turned Candy Crush Saga into its game by excellence, while continuing to search for a new game with which to get millionaire income again.

One of the great secrets of this game is the enormous simplicity and above all the addiction it causes in all those who try it. With more than 2,000 levels available, we must go one behind the other creating rows or columns with three candies of the same color to be able to eliminate them.

The trick of these games is in how easy it is to understand their mechanics and their infinite possibilities that make you play for days, weeks and months. Another of its great successes lies in the flexibility of the duration of the game, you decide how long you want to play. You can play for 5 seconds, one minute, half an hour, there is flexibility in the time you want to spend playing, it is a person's decision not the game. This differs greatly from classic console games, if you wanted to play console today you would have to spend at least an hour to have fun.

By downloading Candy Crush Saga you can compete with your friends at any time. The most important thing in a social video game is to see that people are playing the same game, especially who you know in real life. When you connect your game account to Facebook for example you see that your neighbor is 5 levels above you, it is a kind of competition, how have you reached that level? and you talk about the game, this is important, suddenly you have 5 to 10 friends who also play, so you talk about it helping each other.

For game creators as entrepreneurs, social functioning is an essential accelerator to bring the game to more people. It is cheaper than advertising because it does not pay for social growth. When you see an ad you can download the game if you are interested, but somehow you are suspicious, you do not know if it is ok or not, but if a friend advises you on a game you assume that it has to be ok. Word of mouth is much more important than anything.

Smartphones have been the key to the "Casual Games" revolution. Casual games have existed since the industry was created but never as a business model, it was very difficult to earn money with these video games, there were only a couple of exceptions such as the be used, pioneer of this trend and some more but it was complicated until the appearance of mobile games.

Mobile was the key to the success of the casual games business, many companies such as King or Big Fish, clear examples of this industry, are already multimillion-dollar companies.

In-game perks are offered to assist users. For example: Imagine that you cannot pass a level, that's when you have the possibility to pay a few cents in exchange for getting help for the game, suddenly the level is simplified and you progress more quickly. This is how free games work, it is about taking money from the frustration of the players due to their difficulties when passing a level.

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Price: Free
Category : Games
Developer : King
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About ..

If you manage to make special combinations of 4 or 5 candies, we will create special candies that we can then use at certain times. If you are also able to combine special candies you will create spectacular effects with which you will be able to crush even more candy.

Although the game mechanism is, as we have said, the simplest, the game can become tremendously complicated as we progress. And is that as they are climbing levels, everything becomes more complicated, and as it has happened to many people you can get stuck on a level, for weeks, and end up totally desperate.

Like most games that can be downloaded in Google Play and App Store download is free, but within the game itself we can make purchases, which in most cases will help us greatly to exceed levels.

As we always say, be very careful who you leave your mobile device with, you will not find an unpleasant surprise on your next phone bill, with purchases in Candy Crush Saga, which are not exactly cheap.

Have you already downloaded Candy Crush Saga to start testing your skills with possibly the most popular candy in the world?

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- 'With Candy Crush Saga fun has no limits and is that with the passage of time the number of levels has been growing scandalous'

- 'Play calmly and without despair because otherwise you will end up frustrated in a very short time, and as soon as you do not get the candy you need'

- 'Keep a close eye on the purchases integrated in the application if you do not want to take a dislike on your phone bill'

- 'Fun has no limits with Candy Crush Saga'

- 'It may seem like a simple game, but it will not let you relax for a moment and as the levels go by you should put all your intelligence to work'

- 'In principle it is a game that can be downloaded and played completely free of charge'

- "Helps to fix attention"
- 'Sometimes Candy Crush Saga can become something monotonous since you always have to do the same, collect candy'

- 'The number of levels has become excessive, which makes it impossible to reach the end of the game'

- 'There are levels of the game that border on the impossible and in which you can be stuck for days and days'

- 'The integrated purchases within Candy Crush Saga are one of the great deceptions created by humanity, that yes, more than one occasion can get you out of the odd jam'

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