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Updated 03.06.2020

Garena Free Fire is developed by Garena Studios and is one of the last Battle Royale games that are here to stay and, above all, to enjoy a large number of users from around the world. You can enjoy this good game and even personalize your protagonist with unique cloths
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Garena Free Fire has become in recent weeks one of the most downloaded games for mobile devices, thanks to the increasing number of lovers of Battle Royale or what is the same, fighting against everything and everyone. There is an increasing number of titles of this type, but without a doubt the market is huge and there is room for everyone.

After trying this game, we can tell you that you are going to find an exceptional game, with well-worked graphics and enormous gameplay. Of course, there are things that do not vary compared to other games of this type, and it is nothing other than the enormous difficulty involved, especially the first times we jump onto the battlefield.

Surely you have already read many tips, but if we have to give you any, we must tell you to choose the landing site very well, without rushing and looking for an area where you can see resources and especially buildings that are often synonymous with good omens. Once on land, equip yourself with everything you find and try to expose yourself as little as possible.

If you like this type of game, Garena Free Fire is a great option, which can be downloaded completely free of charge both from Google Play and from the App Store. Of course, if you are not attracted to hitting shots, hiding and fighting against a huge number of constraints, it is better that you opt for another game and do not spend a lot of storage space in this game that is possibly not going to bring you any nothing.

Advantages of being in a Clan when downloading Garena Free Fire

If you want to know what a clan is for in this game you can create one and choose the way in which the other members can join either automatically or with prior approval from you after requesting to enter the clan. There is a space limited to 30 clan members when you start, you complete missions and the clan advances levels. The more level the clan has, the more benefits it has and unlock options such as adding more people. The moment you advance the level and new users are unlocked you will find them in the part where it says application next to the list of members.

You can also add a Slogan such as Always support and a Newsletter that says Subscribe to the clan channel on YouTube or something else that you want to comment on in the form of news for users who see your clan's file.

In what are the players who are members of this clan, you can promote them, expel them for example if they do not like their behavior because you can also play with the clan players or maybe they have a rude nickname or something inappropriate, you can expel them.

In Details you have the experiences of the clan and it tells you what it is you need to advance as well as what you currently have, and see what the advantages of the level are for you or if you have any rewards or savings that you have. It indicates the level of experience you have, Gold, daily gold limit, people limit, it all depends on the type of clan level you are in, it is likely that the privileges change and the benefits increase.

If you click on Tournament you also have advantages because it will show you the badges of the season such as clan rewards or personal rewards, they usually give you gold or vouchers of infinite tokens for 24 hours or of survival skills. To claim personal rewards you need to have money saved.

In what are your friends because you can invite your clan friends and if you have no friends during the game as well. It is interesting to play in a clan because they help you to climb faster in what is the qualifier and apart from this you are always with friends or creating new friends and that's great!

This is basically an explanation of what a Clan is for, since as you saw it is very important. We encourage you to Join!

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Price: Free
Category : Games
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About ..

This game that triumphed especially for its immediacy (the games last only 10 minutes) now comes to Windows so we can continue enjoying this survival shooter directly from the PC, directing a mouse and a keyboard. Of course, it is not a native version, but the APK of the mobile version and an Android emulator of the likes of BlueStacks

You land on an island and you face 49 other players. Collect weapons, resources and use vehicles to explore the map. Search to be the only player standing to take the victory.

Teams of 4 players, with voice chat. Create squads of up to 4 players and communicate with your team from the first moment. Command your friends to victory and be the last one standing.

Easy-to-use controls and smooth graphics that ensure the best survival experience you'll find on mobile.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- 'Install Garena Free Fire on a high-end device if you want to play without any problems'

- 'A good Internet connection will also be very useful to play without cuts and without putting your life in danger'

- 'Be patient and do not act crazy because it will only lead you to die before you have to start the game again'

- 'Equípate as much as you can and do not be those who give their faces at all times, sometimes staying in the shade is the path to success'

- 'Gameplay, action and fun without almost any limits'

- 'Graphics unlike other games of this type are excellent, especially if you have a high-end smartphone'

- 'The fun is infinite no matter how much you die in a game and you will always have new challenges to achieve or overcome'

-´You need a strategy to win´
- 'The storage space that Garena Free Fire uses on your mobile device is huge, so be careful if you do not have too much'

- 'If you spend hours playing your smartphone is going to resent and is that the power and resources that this game needs are very large'

-'One more purchases integrated within the application are again present and are a real nuisance '

-'Complicated controls'

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