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Updated 03.06.2020

Helix Jump is one of the top games at the moment and for the last few yerars , thanks to the fun it offers in large doses, but above all for its enormous simplicity that makes it suitable for any player. You have to control the tower and in this indirect way give direction to the ball and you must also avoid the colored parts of the environment
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Category : Games
Developer : Voodoo
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In more than a few occasions, we can see among the first places in the download lists new games, which burst with great force, despite the fact that, for example, their graphics are not from another world and even in some cases leave a lot to be desired. However, sometimes simplicity makes some games become authentic phenomena.

An example is Helix Jump, it has graphics that do not go beyond the just approved, it has become a real phenomenon of the masses, thanks to its simplicity, gameplay and fun that it offers in large doses to all who try it. It also has the great advantage that it is a game that can be downloaded completely free of charge.

A ball is the great protagonist of this game, where we will have to descend levels at full speed, pulling skill, patience in some cases and especially very fast movements so as not to reach the end of the game prematurely.

Keep in mind that not everything is as it seems, and that lowering levels too quickly will only end the game prematurely. In addition, the colors are not a mere coincidence, but we will let you discover for yourself.

Despite what it may seem at first, Helix Jump is not a simple game at all and it can become, in a very short time, a real headache for most players. Maybe it doesn't have a story behind it, or some graphics that will leave you speechless, but without a doubt, if you download it, you can have a huge dose of fun.

Have you already tried Helix Jump on your mobile device and managed to overcome levels one after another?


The game launched around February 2018, after a very short period of time, it has been pressured and has remained at the top overall for a long time. The good thing is that Apple has not really presented it if you have been following VOODOO, in reality they do not have many of their games presented by Apple, they only know how to promote games.

This game remained at the top of the charts for a long time. Everyone knows that it is not difficult to reach the top of the charts, the difficult thing is to stay there. You can spend a large amount of money to take any game to the top spot.
But let's take a look at the game in the puzzle game where we rotate. You should avoid pieces that are not colored in black such as red, for example. If your ball is yellow each time it hits the black ground, it will mark the black surface and bounce, so you will have to pass heat through the openings at each level (deck) down the spine. If you land in the red part, you will die. So the key is not to die and go to the bottom. The lower level will be colored yellow on the first level.

If you die, you will probably have to watch a video and then you will have a second chance, so don't worry about it. In the following levels you will change the colors of the ball and the pieces of the surface. Between the levels, you will see some announcements, but they will not appear when you play. Perhaps the success of this game comes from the fact that it is very casual for you, so anyone can pick it up and start playing it. He understands that you really understand it and secondly the fact that it is more of a puzzle game, as well as some of the mechanics that it has makes it more interesting and that is why it has been able to really retain its users because and stay on the charts. .

The game really combines the elements of a very casual game with also a puzzle piece element. That's because each level you achieve saw the next level where things feel a little different and add different elements to it. And you are one of these puzzle game lovers who has this high retention.

If you play the other type of VOODOO games like Blumper.io, it is very casual, it is very easy, there is no real puzzle, it may become obsolete after a while, while Helix Jump constantly stays within the top 20 of general application startup lists.

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Price: Free
Category : Games
Developer : Voodoo
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About ..

- 'Fun in spades without too many complications' -' You can download it for free in both the App Store and Google Play, so you have no excuses to try it '-' Unlike other games, you'll learn to play in only few seconds since the complications are minimal

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- 'If you do not like skill games and that makes you think of looking for another game on our site, because with that there is danger that you end up despairing'

- "Use your head and be patient if you want to beat the levels in Helix Jump"

- "Do not try desperate falls or you'll end the game prematurely"

- "Take a close look at your device's battery level because the power consumption is high and in a flash you can run out of battery power on your smartphone"

- Helix Jump is full of ads that can sometimes despair any user.

- Sometimes the game becomes very complicated, especially if you are not used to this type of games.

- If you lose your life need to watch a video.

- Can feel not that attractive for playing if you are looking for cool designs.
- Helix Jump is full of ads that can sometimes despair any user.

- Sometimes the game becomes very complicated, especially if you are not used to this type of games.

- It does not protect your coins from previous levels.

- If you restart, you will start from the beginning.

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