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Updated 03.06.2020

Snapchat is a messaging app that supports very nice multimedia features like filters and animated gifs. You can download the app for free and install on your smartphone. People choose what to share with their friends and friends list messages, they have a limited time and after that they become inaccessible to their recipients
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If we take a look at the most downloaded application lists from the App Store and Google Play, we will surely be in the top positions with Snapchat, the application that we are going to talk about today. Since it officially hit the market in 2010, it has continued to grow and currently has millions of users worldwide, who greatly enjoy all the features of this more than interesting application.

Created in 2010 by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, when they were still students at Stanford University in the United States, it has managed to reinvent itself over time and attract the eyes of other great companies such as Facebook, which it has always had in mind a possible purchase, for a huge amount of money. Currently this popular application, with tints of social network is run by Snap Inc.

If we had to explain the possibilities that Snapchat offers us, it would certainly be complicated and it is that currently the range of functionalities that it offers us is very wide. Although yes, the most important is still to record videos or take pictures of ourselves using some of the available filters, which change from time to time so that nobody can fall into boredom.

These filters are the most varied, and despite the fact that many other applications have tried to copy them, none has managed to find the key to success. Using some of the many that are available, we can be an adorable rabbit, a true private investigator or look like we have gone on vacation to some paradisiacal island of the Caribbean.


After you download Snapchat and open the app, the first thing you can see in front of you is your (front) camera, in other words, you're ready to take a selfie. If you just press the button, you can press the star filters, it's that simple. If you really hold your finger down and continue to swipe, you can add two filters at once, which is quite impressive. The application is a little more interactive and you can manipulate your images by adding a date or time, for example.

Another basic thing about Snapchat is adding some text: tapping on the screen and tapping the little T in the top corner will resize your text so you can move it around and add colors or emojis. You can even use emojis as templates, so for example let's say you want to draw a unicorn: you can get unicorn emoji, put it where you want and then use the colors and draw on it and trace it with the colors you want and then just delete the emoji. This way you can create some cool designs and impress your friends.

When you swipe down with your finger, the main profile page will fall off smoothly and you may need to add your avatar. Your avatar may be just with an image of you, but also with five quick images that do something like a gif animation. This is really cool compared to a single image, it gives room for more creativity. Whenever you want you can change your avatar and your name too, you can add friends or block them.

If you go to user settings and then scroll down to Manage, you can turn Travel Mode on and this will basically cause your stories and other people's snapshots to not load automatically so you will have to click on them to charge them and you will only save a lot of battery and data. Also in the Settings there is the Friends emnojis section so you know those emojis that appear with the name of each person: you can see what they mean and you can also change them, which is great.

If you want to know if your friends added it again, you can check this by clicking on your friend's profile and if you see their instant score under their name, that means they added it again, but if you don't, you will only see their name Username means you have added them but they have not been added again. This can show you who really loves you and just wants your attention.

All this and much more you will find when you download the Snapchat application and you can have fun like never before!

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Price: Free
Category : social networks
Developer : Snap, Inc
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In addition, any user has the possibility to take photographs or videos, adding not only the filters of which we have spoken, but also texts or different drawings. This can be shared with other contacts, for a limited time, something that many other applications, such as Instagram have "copied", although in some cases without the success of Snapchat.

With the passage of time Snapchat has been adding options and functionalities, and although many bet for a loss of popularity of the application, with the advances of Instagram and Facebook, today is still one of the most successful applications and with a number of downloads that continues to grow in both Google Play and the App Store, where it is available for download for free.

Snapchat has tried in recent times to diversify its business, without much success and is that it seems that users like the filters and the many options that have been offered since its inception, and that are the end of the day They have given the enormous success that it has today. Ready to immerse yourself in the appealing and fun world of Snapchat?

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- 'Do not abuse the Snapchat filters or sooner or later your friends will end up hating you'

- 'Watch closely your smartphone and is that Snapchat uses the camera continuously, in addition to being permanently connected to the network of networks'

- 'You may not find a more entertaining and fun free application that is'

- 'It is a most entertaining application that will give you hours and hours of fun, as well as a collection of funniest images and videos'

- 'It is a totally free application and without too many ads'

-'End-to-end encryption '

-'Content is self-destructive '
- 'Sometimes the filters offered by Snapchat end up spoiling any photograph'

- 'The data consumption of our telephone rate is seriously affected by the use of this application, so do not lose sight of this data'

- 'The battery of smartphones is not infinite and if you use Snapchat, you will not even be able to say that it lasts long'

-'Some users may become very focused and selfish '

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