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Updated 20.02.2020

ABcya! It is a learning tool for students from pre-kindergarten through sixth grade. You can choose from many different types of games such as typing, reading, math and much more. More than 120 million students played last year
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 What is ABCya? or ABcya! started 2004 by Alan Tortolani. He was a school teacher in a school that didn't have any activities on the computer. So he decided to created his own, for his students. ABcya! is a company who is the leader of online games in education for kids. More than 120 million kids worldwide was playing more than a billion times last year. It's a trusting learning tool used by teachers and school kids in over 150 countries.The games is for pre-kindergarten to sixth grade. The topics include, math, reading, typing, logic games, just for fun games and many more.

The activities are designed by teaches and parents, who knows and understands that childrens will learn faster and better if they are having fun at the same time. The games is grouped in levels allowing you to access games above and below your current grade level. You can play all the games for free. And you can also start to subscribe, so you will get access to all of the games on the ABCya Games app. You can also save your favorite games there. 

What is ABcya! for? is like a extra teacher for your students. You can choose between many differents types of fun games to play. You can play the games in groups so you can help each other. Students will not understand that they are learning something new, they are just thinking it is just a fun game. The teachers can select the proper "challenge" for your student to develop. And the games are designed by parents and teachers who understand children the best. So the games is fitted to everyone. 

What do Teachers think about ABCya app? 

Teachers thinks ABCya is a good app for the students. You can choose between lots of different kinds of games. Because childrens learn in different times so it's good if you can choose different type of levels. At the same time you learn new things and have fun. Many teachers use the app for math practice. There are some games that the students really like and find kind of hard. There is a math game called " math fact shoot out" you are going to throw the basketball into the basket and answer the math questions. And the other it's called " math man Jr" the game is very similar to Pac-Man. You are going to try get the ghost and one of them as a math question. 


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Price: Free
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- It's easy to find games.

- The students have fun while they are learning.

- The student have access to ABCya at home or at school.
- A lot of advertising if you do not subscribe.

- ABcya! is a very public website.

- Pops ups can be unsafe for the kids.

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