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Updated 30.05.2020

AliExpress is a shopping platform owned by Alibaba Group and is based in China. After the website launched (2010), the website evolves into something big that includes many other online features. Ali Express is a new concept that really helps people with small businesses and shopers access each other. Large number of employees are supporting online users
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Aliexpress is a platform that connects you with hundreds of thousands of vendors and suppliers in China, it is like a Chinese ebay, it is like a virtual shopping center where there are millions of products at our disposal and the best at really low prices. At some point you have heard this phrase that in China products are cheaper, it is very true!

Alíexpress also offers free home delivery, whatever the country in which you live, what may vary is the arrival time of the product depending on where you are. It usually takes between 1-2 months, although if you want to pay shipping, in that case it will arrive in less time.

You can navigate from the website, although it is recommended to download the Aliexpress application and use it to buy for two simple reasons: 1) Quick, simple and comfortable to use the application 2) When using the application you have more discounts with Aliexpress and it would be good to save extra.

Once you have the application on your mobile and open the cover you can see featured brands, lightning offers, store collections, favorites, recommendations, trends, geek world, ads with promotions. The application is translated into the language you have on your mobile, it is not a perfect translation but it serves to guide you correctly.

On the cover of the application you can search for things that interest you, for example sports shoes or winter clothes, sandals, as you can see, the ads with the different prices will show us very similar to ebay or free market. You have the option to sort it by relevance, price (ascending), price (descending), number of sales, seller's score, date (recent first). If I order it by ascending price I see the cheapest I can find, it will show me the photographs, the not so literally translated description, the price, the valuations, the quantity sold and if I have any coupon or discount.

Before buying it is very important to take into account the reviews because it is like the rating on other platforms, it is what customers have said about that product and seller as a whole, it is important that it has a good score so that you can rest assured that you are acquiring product that is good and reliable; You also see comments from people who have bought it and how they rate it; You can even put pictures which is a good thing to really show the photo of the final product. You have to look carefully at the shipping cost to see how much the product finally costs and see if it suits.

Another thing you can do is apply the filters, you have by category, shoe size in Europe, color, decorations, free shipping, 4 stars or +, min 1 unit, send to ... select your country. Once you activate the free shipping option, it will show you all the items that have free shipping and the waiting time of that product, you can add it to the cart if you want to continue buying other things or directly give it to buy to finally buy it.

When you buy, he asks you to create an account, fill in the details and you are inside, he gives you the option to choose your size and color, keep in mind that the size he shows is the United States, if they live in other countries compare the sizes with the table of the United States. Then it will ask for the delivery address and it is optional to send a message to the seller (in English the message please), it is important to put the real address, names, real surnames, mobile phone numbers with their correct prefix, the province, the code Postal, we validate the address and we give you the order and you will ask us to work with different payment methods such as any visa or mastercard / bank account and you do not have paypal. The digits of the card and the expiration dates must be placed and the purchase is made.

Having free shipping will arrive within an average of 2 months. If you want it to arrive in less days, it gives you the option to pay shipping and you can choose a smaller number of days for the product to arrive.

In this way you can already make your purchases, you will see that it is a very simple way to do it and for prices that suit you! I send you to enjoy this free application!

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-There are many products to choose from

-Lots of low priced items and discounts

-Secure way of payment

-Warranty time 60 days
-No communication with the seller

-Many Chinese sellers

-You should wait for shipping

-You should check prices very carefully

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