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Updated 30.05.2020

Anthem is a monster fighting game very similar to Destiny, where you can join up to 4 players and release the shared open world possessed by monsters with Javelin exosuits, giving you special abilities, depending on which one you choose. However, anyway, the game is fun due to the great possibilities, the cooperative game and Javelin's excellent special abilities. Anyway, even if it's a shared open world, so you have to play with someone, the game looks more like a story
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Anthem is an online shared open-world role-playing game developed by BioWare. The storyline follows the life of the last bits of humanity, trying to survive in a savage environment possessed with monsters and multiple very dangerous, life-threatening threads, because the gods, that has been creating this world, did not finish their work. They only harnessed The Anthem, so-called source of pure creations, using which the world began to exist.

In this world, humanity found its way to survive, and to endure and enhance their chance of surviving, their ancestors created the Javelin exosuits, giving their users, known as Freelancers, superhuman abilities. The game, since published by EA, is available on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC, but unfortunately, the game doesn’t support cross-play, so you are only able to play with players on the same platform. 

There are four types of Javelin exosuits. The first, known as the Ranger Javelin, is focused highly on offense. It’s firepower is imposant, and Shock Melee or Multi-Target Missile Battery abilities are just devastating. Then, the Colossus Javelin, the game’s largest and heaviest Javelin, bets his power on more like defense, so he can summon shield, protecting other Javelins. Yet, he’s the only one, who can wield two heavy guns, making from him and absolute insane tank-themed Javelin.

The Interceptor Javelin is just fast like hell. Maybe more like light. That makes him perfect to dash behind enemy lines and dash out before they can even react. The last of them is the Storm Javelin, which carries the power of The Anthem, so he can hover over the battlefield, dealing lots of damage, yet his suit has minimal armor, so he might be vulnerable on ground.

The game is set in a world that has been vanished by gods, which left the world in chaos. The whole world seems to be just their experiment  with The Anthem, which is something like a source of power, pure creation and life. Now, humanity is left on it’s own in this cruel, dangerous and full of monsters world, so they decided to isolate themselves behind the walls of Fort Tarsis, which protects them from all the dangers that live behind those walls.

The ancestors, that hid themselves in those walls, learnt how to use The Anthem and created Javelins, exosuits wielding some inhuman superpowers with hi-tech weapons and technology. Their pilots, known as the Freelancers, protect the last pieces of humanity left in the Fort Tarsis, by killing monsters and creatures, that threaten them.

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Price: Free
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About ..

- Great customization

- Beautiful graphics

- Great use of team interaction.
- Not a game for a one player

- Many bugs

- Long loading screens

- Predictable story

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