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Updated 20.02.2020

Protect your devices with the best antivirus, do not let anything affect them!
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Developer : Avast Software
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Avast is one of the largest security companies in the world that uses next generation technologies to combat cyber attacks in real time. Avast's main goal is to "defeat criminals" by having a huge, automatic, cloud-based learning engine that sees everything on the internet and constantly receives data from hundreds of millions of users.

This facilitates learning at speeds and makes the artificial intelligence engine faster and more intelligent than any other company. Avast has built a scalable security infrastructure, and has a view of everything going on online, both good and bad, giving the company a unique advantage of being the first to monitor and analyze potential threats. The company after detecting new malware, can implement new security features to protect users.

Avast's innovative approach to security stems from some of the most talented and experienced security engineers in the world. Based in Prague, which is a center of excellence for engineering and computer science, the avast company attracts the best, and more than 45% of our employees are in the research and development division. The company's growing patent portfolio focuses on 4 main areas: 

  • Detection and blocking of malware;
  • Artificial intelligence and automatic learning;
  • Internet of Things;
  • Localization technologies;

In short, avast antivirus download is an excellent option. So much to install on your devices as on your PC. So go ahead and install it.

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Price: Free
Category : Antivirus
Developer : Avast Software
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About ..

Our scientists, engineers and mathematicians come from some of the best and most respected institutions in the world, including Stanford, MIT, Oxford and NASA.

Thanks to the new technology, avast has a game mode. The one that will allow you to take advantage of your video games without having to eliminate typical ads from any other threat detection. Avast has other functions such as:

  • Intelligent Anti-Virus - Discover and block threats before affecting your device. What could be viruses, spyware, malicious software, ransomware.

  • Wi-Fi Inspector - Finds the weak Web sites of your WI-FI home network as well as strangers who try to use it without permission.

  • CyberCapture - The considered files will be sent immediately to the cloud. There they will analyze and see if they are threats, if they are, a solution will be thought out.

  • Intelligent analysis - Any failure through which malicious software can enter is detected. Such as, outdated computer program, unsafe passwords, configurations and suspicious add-ons.

  • Avast Passwords - Provides protection of all your passwords. You will not suffer any more because you forgot them, because this function only needs a password, with which you will administer all the others.

In 2016 avast purchased AVG and together they protected more than 400 million devices worldwide.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- Keep everything updated
- Update the security of your Wi-Fi;
- Use strong logins and passwords;
- Use 2-factor authentication;
- Use a VPN;
- Use a tracking blocker;
- If possible, do not use a public Wi-Fi network or public computers

- Many great features;
- Compatible with various platforms;
- Excellent laboratory results;
- Zero cost;
- Limited administrator roles;
- Low anti-phishing score;
- Complication of complex data sharing;

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