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Updated 30.05.2020

Baidu Tieba is a Chinese version of Google. The search engine is about having its users create their own publications, writing about topics such as movies, music or different interests that they can create and participate in various areas
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In 2000, two Chinese entrepreneurs met in Beijing to launch the online Baidu startup. Not long after, it became the most popular search engine in China and one of the nation's technology titans. Now they are developing artificial intelligence and autonomous cars.

Baidu is often called "Google of China." It controls 70% of Internet searches in China and, given the large population of China, it is among the most used search engines in the world.

Baidu was founded in 2000 by Robin Lee as his first office in a hotel room near Perking University.

The literal meaning of Baidu is "hundreds of times", which means that it represents a persistent search for the ideal. In 2005, the company was made public in the United States in Nasdaq. He is an employer of around 40,000 people worldwide.

The headquarters of Baidu is located in the capital of China, Beijing. Not only is it one of the largest companies in China, but, given the large volume of Chinese population, it is one of the largest Internet companies in the world. behind Google, YouTube and Facebook. Baidu's main product is its search engine, but it also has additional platform extensions such as maps, videos and news search.

Launches platforms that you have probably never heard of, such as Baidu Encyclopedia, the world's largest Chinese language encyclopedia. And this is a majority shareholder in IQiyi called "Netflix of China". Does that sound convincing?

* Baidu Tieba operates according to the principle of a forum in which users disseminate information about their interests. In this way, an almost autonomous topic of discussion is formed that users create and participate. They are called "bar." The types vary in different areas and can also be discussed or performed. But the main thing is the interactivity of the site, everything is "live". For the publication to succeed, other users must be interested in the approach. Within this structure, the different themes have a group of people that make them up and maintain an independent government.

There are many, many other things that she started or acquired over the years. Most of Baidu's revenue comes from advertising on its many platforms. It works similarly to Google Adwords in that it is a pay-per-click platform that allows advertisers to have their ads appear on search results or websites that are part of the Baidu network.

Baidu is among the list of online companies with higher incomes that earn more money from Netflix or eBay.

But like all Chinese internet companies, Baidu is subject to strict Chinese online censorship.

In fact, the government fines companies, including Baidu, for their inability to properly censor the content of their platforms.

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-The most used search engine in China

-The company wants to offer more services to its customers.

-Works well on mobile devices
-Apreciate by announcing not with cheap

-To have your successful publications you must first accumulate an experiment to explore other topics

-It is still used mainly in China

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