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Updated 30.05.2020

Byte is the new competition that TikTok has in which you can create your own quality videos with new fun effects and where you can believe all your creativity!
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Byte is a new app created by the former creative Vine that us the guy that created Vine but then sold it to twitter anyways. It is called byte and it is awesome. I have been following the progress for this for a while now and its finally out.

I´m gonna try to make this to guide you through a couple of things, give you a couple of tips maybe. Let`s enjoy the first question how do you get byte? You should go through their website, try to do it from your mobile phone and you can download it either for IOS or Android, click on it and it will bring you to watever app store your phone has and then you will be able to download and use it if you want to read the terms of services and all of that all that information is also on that website by that call 1 that is important to read is the guidelines like be respectful or don`t be a creep.

With and Android phone i am guessing the same thing appy for IOS so you are gonna have your app installed, it is actually gonna ask you to connect with your google account you can either you know sign in normally or log in with your google account and once you finally created your account, uploaded a profile picture which you dont have to do ( you can do click and i will do this later)

You will land on this home page and on this place is where the magic happens basically you need to keep on mind that its is very similiar to other apps you will have the major pages will be at the bottom. So you have home, Research, Search, Discovery whatever you want to call it this is where you will find categories so if you are interested in an specific category you can go on there and find one this is very similar how vines was but also it is very different from things like TikTok where you do not necessarily have categories like that.

In the middle this is what you will press if you want to create a byte you can use your front camera, back camara.

In the activity section is where you can find all your notifications and you can check if your friend are already following you.

Also you have the profile section where you can actually add if you scroll up and you click edit profile you can not only switch your profile picture you can actually choose a color for this whole page and then you can have your display name you can change it whenever you want, you can add an About section and a little description of yourself.

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Price: Free
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About ..

- It's for people who want to grow up

- New implementations to create content

- You can like and comment by helping creators to encourage other creators by sharing it via twitter
- No tiene sección de seguidores

- Tampoco se enseña cuántos seguidores tiene una persona

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