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Updated 03.06.2020

Bytedance is an international Internet company primarily known for its news and video applications. Above all the platforms are focused on the personal interest, it's gaining more and more popularity. The Apps inspires more than 800 millionen active users
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Bytedance is one of the few companies that has gained so much importance in Europe and the US in such a short time. No wonder - because the company offers a varied portfolio of apps in which everybody will find what he is looking for - in the free time as well as professionally.

There is the news service Jinri Toutiao. The communication app "Lark" can be used for example well in the office. By using the platforms, the company wants to be an inspiration to people from all over the world and give them the opportunity to exchange views. Being a creative creator and an explorer at the same time - this is the motto.

It will have escaped no ones attention of the video platform "Tik Tok", which has aroused interest especially in the young audience and has been hyped since last year. With this app you can create short videos that you can design with music and effects. Starting in Asia, the Chinese group has conquered the market in a short time and in 2018 it was among the top 4 most downloaded apps in the world. 
Meanwhile, even more than 9 administration offices are represented in countries for this app alone, including New York and Paris. Alone with TikTok they reach over half a million users in 150 countries. 

The range is not limited to young teenagers, but also arouses the interest in football clubs. Borussio Dortmund recently entered into a business relationship with the company to secure its own channel in TikTok. In addition, TikTok is also well suited as an advertising medium to increase the level of awareness of companies or private consumers.

Thus, Facebook and Co. quickly recognized a new competition, which is why Facebook even copied the app Tik tok.

Bytedance opens doors for every age group and target group. It's just a matter of privacy, but that's the only drawback. Because for the security of your data the App dont't give 100%  guarantee. So you are responsible for the risk of use.

The company is characterized by an algorithm that is integrated into many apps. This allows you to track your previously consumed items and show you the same or similar news, music and video content based on your interests.

According to insiders, the company is also soon to launch its own cell phone that has already pre-installed its own apps.

You can expect a creative world full of impressive moments that created a positive atmosphere in your life.
It's an opportunity that you can't let escape.


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- Variad portfolio, it is also something useful available for you

- Your interests are in the foreground thanks to the integrated algorithm

- You can live out your creativity
- If your personal information is important to you, be sure to read the privacy policy

- Access of the app is also available to young people, to whom it could have bad influence

- Note additional costs that may appear in the App

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