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Updated 30.05.2020

Clash of Clans is a free mobile game that can be downloaded from the app stores for both iOS and Android. This strategy video game has very good graphics and its theme is to build your own village, obtain resources, attack your enemies and create or join clans with other people (up to 50 people in an alliance)
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Developer : Supercell
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Strategy games began to have their golden age in the late 90s with the launch of the popular Age of Empires, which managed to hook hundreds of thousands of players around the world. The mechanics of the game was very simple and that is that at the beginning of the game you appeared in a certain place on the map and you had to start building a civilization from scratch until it came to dominate the entire world.

Over time, strategy games have been improving, and of course, and how could it be otherwise, they have made the leap to mobile devices. One of them is the Clash of Clans, also known as COC, which happens to be one of the most popular games of the moment.

It has millions and millions of downloads both on Google Play and on the App Store, by players around the world, who have seen this game as a possibility of entertainment. In addition, for many it is the way to continue enjoying strategy games, being able to use the smartphone at all times, we carry it with us, and without having to wait to get home to play in front of the computer or the game console.

Before delving into what the game itself is, we must tell you that Clash of Clans needs a permanent Internet connection to be able to play, so if you have a data rate without too much data for browsing, perhaps not be the most suitable game. And is that the data consumption is high so you may only be able to play for a few days before running out of megabytes in your rate.

Important Tips For Newbies When Downloading Clash Of Clans Free

Update your Bombs and Mines first so that those things that pump the elixir and that's what you'll get your free loop for; aside from attacking, that's the only other way you can get loot and it's constant, it's consistent and tailored that you upgrade quickly will give you much more loot in return.

It is worth updating those that are not so expensive to improve and you can improve them to the maximum level in the first municipalities that you have. You can welcome yourself to the max level by going down at least through City Hall 7, definitely go ahead and maximize them as fast as you can, that's the first thing you should do as soon as you start feeling the game, that's exactly what you're going to do . you want to do with all the loot you earn and you will get much more loot from it.

But another thing you have to do in-game in the Clash Of Clans game is update your warehouses and basically if you have gold warehouses and elixir warehouses and that's where Oliver is, your loot will be kept once you earn it. So, you can only keep as much as you have the available capacity in these warehouses, so you can basically upgrade your mine like and attack plenty, but you can only keep as much loot as they can hold, so if you earn more than that, it will go to the trash.

Loot is your best friend, basically, to rank faster and be able to get those kinds of trophies than everyone else and get into the leagues and you know being competitive like that you need to improve your base first and the only way to do that is to through loot, so you basically need to get as much as you can as quickly as possible and use the fewest bidders or you may know a couple of gem builders to use.

Always try to plan your updates and keep the bulders busy. Suppose you have class for the next two hours, if you find an update that takes two hours. For starters, you only have two constructors if you want to go ahead and getting a third constructor with which you can save those gems will definitely help you. But never leave your builders sleeping, people often say "I can't rank fast enough", and then check your base, you will see all your builders sleeping and not working.

Be sure to apply this strategy and you will see the benefits very quickly.

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Price: Free
Category : Games
Developer : Supercell
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About ..

Clash of Clans is a game for mobile devices, available for iOS and Android devices, developed by Supercell, which has managed to exploit its great success, creating new games based on the original, such as Clash Royale, which has a way of playing somewhat different.

Precisely of that way of playing we are going to speak now, and we can begin to say that it is of the simplest thing, since any player that begins in the game will have to improve his village and protect it using defensive buildings. That yes, to be able to build them it will be necessary to generate resources, through the buildings destined for it.

As in any strategy game, attacking rival villages is one of the premises, and not only will they give you points and reputation, but they will also help you to obtain resources in a simple way, without having to wait for hours and hours get them.

Unfortunately, not all battles are won, so keep that in mind, because if you lose or attack your village, you will lose resources. Finally you should know that the game is called Clash of Clans because at any time you can join a clan, with the consequent advantages that this implies, and how could it be otherwise, with some disadvantage, that you must to go discovering yourself in the game.

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games of the moment thanks to its playability and fun that it offers, and we can not do anything other than recommend it, but be careful, because in a few minutes you will be a true game addict who will not be able to Stop watching your village for a single second

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- Clash of Clans is not a simple strategy game and you will see it from the first moment you start playing

- Like most games nowadays, you need a permanent connection to the Internet, so you should monitor your telephone rate data very closely

- Fun has few limits in this game, and you should not miss it if you spend the day consulting the state of your village or thinking how to grow and improve

- Clash of Clans is a totally free download game

- Unlike other games of this type, the battery consumption is quite acceptable and despite the fact that you spend the day playing you will not run out of battery in the afternoon

- It is a simple game and it does not have too many complications that anyone can play without any problem

- Multiplayer modeyone
- It is a strategy game, with what it implies, and that can sometimes become tedious due to the long waits that occur

- The battery and data consumption of our rate can be worrisome for any user

- It can be a very addictive game

- On the small screen you can damage your eyes

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