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Updated 20.02.2020

Are you a history lover and interested in war games? Company of Heroes is a game that will meet your expectations!
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Developer : Relic Entertainment, Feral Interactive
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Company of Heroes 2 is the second part of the popular war real-time strategy that takes place in the reality of World War II. In the second Company of Heroes, we return to the times of World War II, to once again stand to fight as a branch commander. This time we are moving to the Eastern Front and the armies of the Red Army, which tries to repel the Nazi attack. The game begins with Operation Barbarossa in spring 1941 and ends with the capture of Berlin in 1945.


-> The shield system has been thoroughly rebuilt - our subordinates intelligently position themselves behind all kinds of obstacles, and are also able to instantly storm enemy units, jumping over walls and not losing time to circumvent them.

-> The mechanics of vehicles' movement and their animation have also been improved - tanks deftly avoid trees and do not block the infantry movement, which improves the action on the battlefield.

-> Atmospheric conditions also have an effect on the mobility of individuals - during a strong storm, soldiers hide faces from falling snow and move forward much slower. If we do not take care of providing infantry with protection against cold, the frost can even lead to their death.

-> Extended multiplayer, in which we can fight on the side of the Third Reich or the Red Army. Matches take place on various maps, both winter and summer, and can take part in up to 8 people.

-> The game allows you to unlock special bulletins increasing the combat capabilities of commanded troops, new commanders, vehicle skins, etc.

Visually, the game looks much better than the original, thanks to the new Essence 3.0 engine. In addition to the increased detail of the surroundings and units, it offers more advanced physics that allows you to destroy virtually every element of the map.

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Price: Free
Category : Games
Developer : Relic Entertainment, Feral Interactive
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About ..

Company of Heroes 2 is the second part of the highly popular war real-time strategy (RTS).


You are the commander of the Soviet Red Army rooted in the brutal frontal war to free Mother Russia from the Nazi invaders. It is 1941 and the beginning of what will become the bloodiest conflict of World War II, as a result of which more than 14 million people will die. Follow the struggle of the Red Army from a near-failure through an incredible triumph over Germany in the most demanding and costly theater of war on the Eastern Front. military tactics have the power to tilt the balance of this conflict. Take part in a tactical battle that will define you as a military commander and wields the power of the Soviet empire when you break the road to Berlin.


-> Award-winning franchise - the highest rated strategy game of all time returns thanks to the innovative war experience that will leave competition on the ice.

-> Essence 3.0 engine - cutting-edge technology increases the impact of deadly combat thanks to the unprecedented TrueSight ™ vision system and the ultra-realistic ColdTech ™ dynamic weather technology. Strategy games will never be the same again.

-> Intense Online Combat - offers a great competitive and cooperative multiplayer game that fans expect from this high-quality and critically acclaimed game.

-> Blood and snow - take command of the cult Red Army on the Eastern Front and repulse Nazi invaders in this battle of ideology.

-> Tactical Warfare - Develop and use new commander skills and experience brutal front battles using new dynamic combat tactics.


Intense online fights

-> Feel the unprecedented wildness of the strategic battle on the front line and get involved in the internal battle with opponents from around the world.

New maps

-> Eight stunning new maps enrich the extensive collection of pre-existing maps of the Company of Heroes 2, as well as thousands of community maps available in the Steam workshop.

Improved animations

-> Battlefield comes to life as never before thanks to data captured by traffic in the most common set of animations (SMG), which will also update all animation systems of previous armies.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- Before the game, find out what the game is about
- You should not be afraid of losing
- Use keyboard shortcuts
- Run away quickly

- He looks spectacular
- The battles are more mobile and more destructible
- Intensive and addictive- Intelligent blizzard mechanics
- Each campaign mission is different than the previous one
- Basic good gameplay challenge on all levels of difficulty
- Improves the perfect Formula of the Company of Heroes
- The Soviets are different from the previous factions of the Heroes' Company- Multiple improvements in multiplayer mode
- Integration and replays mean that beginners can learn from better players
-Which narrative
- The menu is complicated and clumsy
- Incredibly high system requirements
- A lot of technical problems
- Poor history and interludes
- No WASD camera controls
- Some of the main battles of the Eastern Front of World War II are suspiciously absent
- The social campaign campaign is really frustrating

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