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Updated 10.12.2019

Counter Strike is multiplayer game where you can play from 2 to 32 people at the same time. You play in two teams and its purpose is to kill the enemy and complete certain tasks. You can choose to be just a spectator and watch the games and follow the games, but you can't play
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Counter Strike is a video game that shortens CS. It was originally developed as a modification of another computer game called Half-Life. Later, the game was made independent by Valve Corporation with Sierra On-Line as its publisher. To start playing this game you need a computer and when it just starts you already have partners that the same game puts you on automatically although you can also invite friends who will be from your own computer.

Counter Strike was made in 1999 but the game became very popular in 2010. That year, the game had over 9 million copies. Counter Strike was one of the most important games and was played professionally until 2013 in e-sports. More games have evolved over time as Counter-Strike: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (2012). Counter-Strike: Source (2004) and Condition Zero (2004).

The game is a multiplayer game, which means that many people will play at the same time. The game has no story or meaning really. In one game, 32 players can play at the same time. There are two teams between which you can choose and fight each other in a stimulator of terrorist acts. You can even choose to be a spectator in a game, which means you can watch and follow the game but not be active.

A round ends when a team wins. To win a round, the team must either fulfill its mission or eliminate the opposing team assignments vary depending on the type of track being played. There are only three official paths, Bomb Defuse, Hostage Rescue and Assassination. The game begins with all players located on the playing field and can then move and interact with the surroundings, as well as with opponents and fellow players. At first, all players receive a knife and a gun and a small amount of money, which you can then buy more powerful weapons. Killing enemies, performing missions or winning rounds are ways to earn more money. And because of the game there is no action, there is not real ending.

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-Fun game to play with your friends.


- Playing too much video games can damage both your physical and mental health

- About 12% of all people who play video games will eventually become addicted.

- One risk of playing too much violent games may be that it triggers aggression

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