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Updated 03.06.2020

Crunchyroll is a streaming site, they only have anime and manga series and movies. You can't find the classic hollywood movies at this site. Crunchyroll is free, often the first episodes of big series are free, there will apear advertising though. But to get unlimited acxess to the movies and series, and HD quality you would get Crunchyroll premium membership
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Crunchyroll is a video streaming service, with the main focus being anime, manga and drama. They have mainly TV series and movies on their site. 2018 they hade over 45 milion users. Crunchyroll was founded on May 14, 2006, 13 years . Crunchyroll is a subsidiary of the company Otter Media. Crunchyroll is available in 8 different languages English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Arabic, Italian, Russian.

If you'r your not a major fan of anime or manga, Crunchyroll is probobly a foreign spectrum for you. But for the big fandom of the japanies special filmstyle, Crunchyroll really is an valuable library with endless of movies and series of manga and anime. On Crunchyroll you willnot find any well known hollywood movies, it's only animated shows. 

Crunchyroll is free but you can buy a Crunchyroll premium memberchip. The oldest episode of a serie with many seasons can be free even if you missing the membership. But there will be advertising when you are watching the show. In a 20 minutes long episode there will be three commercials break. There are some free shows to watch but stil alot of movies or series that will cost money to watch the rest of a serie.

Crunchyroll premium membership gives you unlimited access to all of Crunchyroll medialibrary, the price for Crunchyroll premium is $6.95 per month.You also stream all shows in HD without any ads. You get to se the upcoming episode quickly after they get realised in Japan. Getting Crunchyroll premium membership is worth it for you who are a big fan of this animated and manga TV show and movies.

If you are curious of what to watch if you get a membership at Crunchyroll here are the top 3.
Naruto is the first one up, one of the world most popular series. It's fantasy/adventure and is about a teenage ninja boy. The series has over 100's of episodes and is awaluble on Crunchyroll. The secound one is called Attack on Titans.Only a small part of the population managed and will now try to live on and rebuild the society. But somewhere out there are hungry Titans. Third and last one is called Yuri on Ice, It's about Japanese figure skater Yuri Katsuki journey to become the best figure skater in the world. He har to face any adversities along the way.

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- It is easy to navigate the site.

- Some episodes are free.

- It's nice that there is a streaming site that only focuses on anime and manga.

- Can be run on many devices.
- There is not as much variety with genres other than anime, manga and drama.

- There are some programs that are dubbed.

- In order to see in high quality it is necessary to pay.

- Many shows are missing.

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