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Updated 30.05.2020

Douyin is a Chinese short video application that allows you to edit and share short videos through your account. Douyin is also known as Tik Tok for China
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Douyin is a short video platform owned by ByteDance. Also known as Tik Tok stream outside of China. This application is currently used in more than 150 countries and has been translated into 75 languages.

It is definitely one of the most successful applications developed in China and worldwide known. Douyin literally translates into a vibrant sound. With Douyin you can: make 15-second videos in which you can make movies and put your background music. You can also adjust different loan rates, etc.

Video communication channels are increasingly preferred by users. What has caused Douyin's success is the ability to edit the raw material in real time. There is a lot of competition in this area, but Douyin has established itself in China and anywhere in the world. Douyin offers you to add music to your video clip. It can be controlled by speed or pass through a filter for greater efficiency, in addition to other main features. In this way, a 15-second video clip can be material for the entire postproduction. Or, unlike your own treatments, which one to share with your friends.

You may have seen the lip sync supplement in a video on the Internet. Which is very popular right now. There are many interesting opportunities that are best mentioned here as "Reaction" to get into direct provocations with friends, it is guaranteed that the fun will be great.

Or if you want to record a video with someone who is far away, you can use "duet." Without a doubt, this is a place to have fun and be creative and artistic. Search and see for yourself, but exaggerating is addictive.

ByteDance has been established in the market with this product. Developers use artificial intelligence to select the information presented to individual users. With three clicks, you can even pay for promotional products integrated into the application. In China, people really like to buy over the phone. You probably know that China's massive Internet consumption overlaps with the arrival of smartphones, so don't be surprised why the Chinese phone is synonymous with the Internet.

But as you can guess, although at first glance the same currents Douyin and Tik Tok have their differences and the audience of the two products in China and the rest of the world needs some differences. To download the Chinese version of Douyin, we recommend that you use a VPN or Proxy.

It is also about Iphone and Android. The application can be downloaded from the Douyin website. If you understand Chinese, at least it will be much easier. You need to register with a Chinese number.

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About ..

- It's a global trend.

- It's something creative.

- Make any type of videos while using music for the background.
-It's addictive.

-Need to censor sometimes.

-Easy for users to manipulate videos with deepfake technology.

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