Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Review

Updated 30.05.2020

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle is a free mobile phone game created by Akatsuki. In the game you create a team of bottles to save the world from various atrocities
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Dragon Ball Z Dokan Battle is a free mobile game developed on the basis of anime for Dragon Ball and this is one of the most recognized anime in the world. This Dragon Ball definitely knows how to make your audience have fun with their games. Apart from the fact that the graphics to design it are more dynamic, as well as game clips, it is quite interesting and colorful.

You have a small gameplay outside of battle mode, which is a unique mission to start building a good team with our best players on your team that you can train and update. More and more new games are being added to the game, which guarantees you will not be disappointed. For example, the World Tournament Campaign where you can play with your friends and rivals.

Dragon Battle Z or DBZ games enjoy great success not only in Japan but also worldwide. Some initial tips are:

You have many gifts that you can collect here that have been given to you, so there are many stones you will probably get, such as 40 stones, which is quite good for free gifts, but be careful to spend wisely.

Wait to find out how you can get them and so on. First you have a leader and five more characters. Each card has a leadership skill and this will determine, in principle, all the reinforcement benefits your team will receive based on that character's leadership skills are extremely important and are more or less the basis of how you can manage your team.

There are five different types of cards in the game, you have "AGL-blue, TeQ-green, INT-purple, STR-red, PHY-organs. There are many ways you can handle teams that can play specific types of equipment or to release Heroes or villains and more.

As you progress through the game you will get stronger cards. You should try to find the leaders you give KEY, HP attacks and DEFENSE. When you start the first search, the best way to get stones.

Each mission you do here, you can do one of three difficulties: You have to complete the one before the next one arrives. Each time you make a difficulty, it will give you a stone so that there are more or less three stones for the stage and there are between five and maybe ten or twelve stages in the area and there are 27 areas in total. There are many stones to get from just grind the search. Stones are the most important currency in the Dokkan without a doubt. You can also buy these stones if you want to use real money.

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Price: Free
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About ..

-It's free of course

-A retractable game

-Many interesting graphics and videos
-There are many paid deliveries

-Missions can be a bit annoying

-It may seem slow

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