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Updated 10.12.2019

Facebook Messenger is an application owned by Facebook that acts as an instant messaging service and has millions of users around the world
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The instant messaging applications are possibly the most popular of how many are available in both the Google Play and the App Store. This type of applications, in a very short time, have become essential for most users, thanks to the communication options they offer us with our friends, family or colleagues.

Today the most popular are WhatsApp Messeger, Telegram, Line or Facebook Messenger, which is the one that concerns us today, although there is a huge amount of them available for download, in most cases completely free of charge.

The instant messaging application owned by Facebook, which in turn also owns WhatsApp, began forming part of the social network until 2011, and then "become independent" on mobile devices in the form of an application. This at first was not well received by most users, but with the passage of time, all or almost all of us have become accustomed.

Today, although we can use the service if we access Facebook from any web browser, we must download the application if we want to use it from a mobile device, regardless of whether it has Android or iOS operating system. Currently has millions of users around the world, but at the moment is far from the number of users who have WhatsApp or Telegram, for example.

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Price: Free
Category : Messenger service
Developer : Facebook
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As for the operation of the application itself is the simplest, and is that as with Facebook, anyone, whatever age, will not be too difficult to handle and send messages to any of your contacts, which we can incorporate from your own social network or from our personal contact list, stored on your smartphone.

In the initial screen of the application we can see a list with the conversations that we have started, as well as the icons of the different accesses (friend requests, access to the camera, etc) and of course the possibility of making calls. This last option is one of the most characteristic of Facebook Messenger, and that it incorporated at the same time as WhatsApp, standing out above many other applications of this type that do not have this service.

Of course, and as a negative aspect, we find advertising, which, as happens on Facebook, floods any screen again. We also find advertising of any kind, as soon as we find advertising for mortgage loans, which we do not need in any case, such as online dating applications, which we do not need either, and we are not even interested.

Facebook Messenger is one of the many instant messaging applications that are available, and that we can enjoy for free. It offers us a very clean design, but at the level of options and functionalities it offers practically the same as the rest, although yes, the one that must choose or one or the other is you.

Are you one of those who enjoy Facebook Messenger daily or who are inclined to other options of the many that are now available in the market?

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- Facebook Messenger is one of the many instant messaging applications available for iOS and Android devices

- Like many others, its download is completely free, as is its use, although of course, advertising will always be present

- The consumption of Facebook Messenger resources is quite high, especially in mid-range or low-end mobile devices

- Your close relationship with Facebook allows us to easily access the contacts we have active in the social network

- It is completely free to download and use, something that does not happen with all applications of this type

- It has a simple and clean simple, something that not all applications of this type can boast today
- The consumption of resources of this application is very high in some cases, reaching the point of having to eliminate the application of our device

- Although it has millions of users around the world, there are very few who actually use it actively

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