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Updated 10.12.2019

Far Cry will give you a quick action and a lot of shooting - if you're looking for it, then this game is created for you!
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Category : Game
Developer : Crytek
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Far Cry is at first glance an ordinary FPS game that promotes a first-person view. However, abandoning appearances, we face an amazing game of action, using the vast environment to the limit. Just the field of view, according to the authors over 800 meters, while looking at the fabulous bay or densely overgrown jungle, leaves other such productions far behind, often breathtaking with a great deal of details and graphics quality.

Far Cry is undoubtedly a game that can be considered a breakthrough in this category of games, and this is due to the revolutionary graphic design and enormous gameplay, holding the player in front of the monitor for long hours.

Far Cry is one of the largest ever to be found in 3D computer games. It consists of a dozen or so tropical islands, each of which boasts a different character, different topography and different flora. The game is one of the most immersive, and the player is accompanied by amazing emotions.

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Price: Free
Category : Game
Developer : Crytek
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About ..

Far Cry - a computer game produced by Crytek and published by Ubisoft in 2004. This is an action game, type First Person Shooter, and the main character is Jack Carver, a former American soldier.

The story presented by the authors is an interesting introduction to the whole story. The main character, Jack Carver, wanted to break away from the big city community and developed a small carrier business in the South Pacific. A journalist approached him with a request to transport her to the area of ​​the islands of Micronesia. Our hero agreed to do this task, looking like a simple tour of the sunny regions. Unfortunately, just after reaching the place, his boat was fired and sunk by unknown military units, the journalist was gone, and Jack was left alone with the inhabitants of the island. Unfortunately, it will turn out to be not only bloodthirsty animals, and its main goal will be to survive and find a way out of this hell on earth.

Attractions for the player

The tasks played out on very large and varied terrain are not imposed. Player penetrating the area, he comes across problems or puzzles, which require meeting certain conditions, to be able to continue the journey in search of a missing journalist and how to get out of the cursed island. Not only is it dangerous, densely overgrown with tropical vegetation forests or hot beaches, which are the showcase of this game. The authors have also tried to recreate interesting complexes, both underground and building interiors. This differentiation is particularly evident when selecting the appropriate arsenal in the event of an emergency.

An equally interesting element of Far Cry are the opponents, and in fact - artificial intelligence. The authors have given up completely the behavior described in the scripts. The opponents react in real time to the actions of the player, if they notice him. Already a murmur or some strange sound acts on them like a red cloth for a bull. For this they do not stick to specific tracts of terrain and can use it, hide behind obstacles or overlap players from several sides at the same time. If they track him down, they can race across the whole island. And senior rank officers are able to summon nearby meals to help them catch a runaway.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- Be careful

- Look around you because there may be danger nearby

- Classics of the genre

- Original, detailed scenery

- Addictive gameplay
- A bit outdated graphics

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