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Updated 20.02.2020

Fifa 20 promises to be the most advanced and important saga in the history of Fifa because it will deliver a game according to the expectations and realism that we have never seen in the football simulator
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Amazing isn't it? A full year has passed and again electronics arts is facing the always imposing challenge of delivering a new Fifa that retains what fans clearly enjoy but that changes enough to justify another year of soccer challenge that now without the journey or The champions as news seems even more complicated. Then they succeeded or you should leave Fifa on the bench until the next season. We'll see!
Fifa has always boasted of being the all-in-one soccer experience that, as well as letting you wear the official shirt of your favorite team controlling a star of the foot ball, allows you the fantasy of being a coach, playing local games with friends or in line and for a while here enjoy an interesting story or play with youth teams. For Fifa 20, all that remains, but the most important change is definitely the addition of volta which, to simplify it much, amounts to a Fifa street attached to the standard package.
Volta is a complete street soccer game within another game, it includes story mode, the volta league that is equivalent to online competitions and the volta tour that is a tour around the world where you face community teams, recruit players and unlock dozens of locations among which by the way Mexico figure. The argument in the story mode is simple, you are part of a team that wants to compete in the world cup of the specialty but at first its members get ready and it is necessary to travel around the world to be able to sign them again. No prize will be awarded for plots but it is the ideal pretext of delivering hours and hours of cascaritas in a variety of situations and circumstances whenever there are matches with wall, without wall, with goalkeeper or without goalkeeper.
As you give level to your character you accumulate experience, skill points and money that allow you to unlock skills in the style of the journey as well as how to wear new clothing for you and your team members.
It is important to clarify that while the analogy with Fifa Street is natural, Volta's approach is more realistic so that those who have played the spin off of yesteryear will feel that this mode is a bit more serious; bounces on the walls and goals do not come out automatically, the rivals you overcome are not thrown in humiliation and although doing tricks is easy by pressing the two control triggers simultaneously the machine will not eat them very often.

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About ..

- New cinematization tools

- Cool and stylish emphasis to personalize the field

- Greater shooting power in some characters
- Women's soccer mode I do not advance at all

- You have to have patience or money to have a competitive team

- Turtle rhythm or unexplained failures

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