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Updated 20.02.2020

The game follows the life of the empire of the Turks at the time of their major and the period in which Constantinople conquered. Resources in games with gold, grain and warriors. You are raising your subordinate level
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Sultans Game is an oriental themed game that reveals life in the Ottoman Empire as it resists the forces of the Byzantine Empire.

made by Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd

Game of Sultans, a role-playing game that makes you aware of the life systems of the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire

The game is not based on real events, but there are still many details that are true to those days.
Good graphics and intriguing stories make you aware of the life of the Sultan.

The graphic of the characters is impressive. The background music of the game is oriental

You will find Bloody Wars: the Ottoman Empire is the ruler of the vast territory of Europe and the Middle East and, in addition, you can join battles with other players from all over the world.

What is your opinion about the management of your most powerful empire?
You need to handle the army with an iron fist.

The Sultan also has a family and is a harem, so this is the licentious life of the Sultan's family,

The truth has many intrigues that sympathize with the public life of our most powerful man in the empire.
In addition to having a harem, he also expresses many other liberal stories with queens.

- Turkish coffee: drink, talk and then listen to the fortune teller interpret each glass!

With a glass of Turkish coffee you will discover your characteristic. Perhaps a great victory is on the battlefield or defeat.

Some tips for the game are leveling up, finding specific technical talents to trust, choosing your advisors

Keep your character as you progress in the missions.

This empire must be ruled by a gelatinous hand, and it is a lot of war to choose your subordinates

If you want to increase your military power, increase your level and the level of your military talents
This is what will cause the most damage. Remember it
Book XP is 100% successful, but it is winning very slowly.

Enter the unit as fast as you can. Participate in a variety of challenges.
You can have a lot of books about military attributes, all of which can help strengthen your army.

In this game everything depends on the level of the general of sultans and the level of military talents.

With neighborhoods that provide unique resources, the new part of the game is increasingly evolving to viewers and contributors.

To make the game more complete, it provides a chat server that invites you to become obsessed with other players who play the game.
There is an option to translate from different languages ​​.

Test your strategic skills by participating in wars, managing an empire, playing as representing all the spheres of the

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Price: Free
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- Turkish themed music.

- Good graphics.

- You can update your Sultan, visors and children.
-You have no control on the battlefield.

-Repetitive motives.

-Bugs in chat rooms exist.

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