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Updated 30.05.2020

Google Maps the online and offline map for worldwide navigation. Find the fastest routes to your destinations with real-time information, orient yourself in foreign locations and discover new restaurants, bars and much more. More than 10 million users in more than 220 countries are ausing Google Maps to find new places
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Google Maps is a map that helps you to find your way around.

You can use Google Maps in two ways. Either open your web browser and enter Google Maps as the internet address, or you can open the app (available for Android and iOS) on your home screen. The handling of Google Maps is very easy and the use varied.

By locating your current location, Google Maps will tell you where you are. Now you can enter the destination where you want to go and the application will suggest the best route to the place you entered. It does not matter if you are on foot, by bicycle, by car or by public transport. You can choose how you want to go and Google Maps will adjust the route accordingly. You can do the same if you enter your starting point without GPS.

With up-to-date information such as traffic alerts and real-time public transport information, Google Maps will help you find the most suitable routes and guide you around higher traffic or road closures to get you to your destination as quick as possible. So Google Maps can also give you arrival time forecasts.

But not only that! If you enter search terms like "supermarket" or "bank" you will see all the places in your region where the searched destination is located.

One option is Live View, which shows you direction and directions through live broadcasting of your real world environment.

Google maps also provide you with indoor maps. For example, from airports, shopping malls and stadiums, so you can orient yourself faster.

You can also follow places to get suggestions on interesting neighborhoods, local restaurants, bars, events, activities, and to get information and trends about the places to discover the new places in the eyes of the locals while traveling.

With recommendations from local people, you can decide if it's worth visiting. Then you can easily give yourself a rating that will help future travelers.

For on the go Google Maps offers you to download offline maps in advance to guarantee you optimal navigation without an internet connection.

There are also some handy widgets on Google Maps. Among other things, you can mark your favorite places or places that you still want to visit and create lists for them. If you want to you can share the lists with your friends. Creating plans for entire groups is easier than ever with the Google Maps suggestion lists. Share the suggestion lists with your friends and vote on them in real time. If you want to see what it looks like before you go away, Street View lets you take pictures of the places, not just outside. Some restaurants, shops and museums already show pictures of their interiors.

How to create my own list

Creating a list of sites on google maps is very useful when you are traveling to a city and you want to make a list of the places you want to visit in that city, for example.

You can create your personalized list from the options menu of the application itself, just go to the option "your sites", once inside you must select the saved section and you will be able to see all the lists that you have created so far. To create a list, just touch the + symbol that appears when you are viewing the list of lists.

Also if you are browsing the map and see a site that you are interested in saving, you simply have to touch the location you like with your finger on the map, then display the tab from the bottom of the screen by clicking on the site name and finally touch the save button, here you can choose the list where you want to save that site or even create a new list that already begins with that site.

How to put the map in 3d

This trick works on the normal map not in satellite view. All you have to do is zoom in a little bit to a location and then with two fingers slide them from the bottom of the screen up and you will see that suddenly what was a flat map just becomes a kind of three-dimensional map in which you can see the buildings with their different designs and shapes.

This is especially useful if for example you are in a city that you do not know and you are a little disoriented, seeing the shapes of the buildings in some way can help you to orient yourself a little better and know where you are.

Try the app and convince yourself of how practical it is!

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Price: Free
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- You can download maps offline

- Indoor and outdoor maps

- Real-time messages

- You can share locations
- Sometimes the fastest way is not shown

- GPS does not always locate exact current location

- Not all functions are available in all countries

- The app can store too much data for your lifestyle

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