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Updated 30.05.2020

Google one comes with some pretty interesting benefits at least comparing it directly with what Google Drive previously offered us
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Google Drive arrives to renew Google Drive which is the cloud storage platform by Google that has a free basic service, all users have a certain limit of gigabytes to upload and have stored but also has a premium service as well Say it monthly subscription in which they give you greater capacity to store all your files.

Now with the arrival of Google One it becomes the payment service of Google Drive and will include not only drive storage but also in photos and other extensions that are not yet disclosed.

Previously storing 2 terabytes in Google Drive had a higher cost than today, in addition to changing the name and giving you a couple more options this will be cheaper.

First-hand the annual payment makes you pay a little cheaper still. Now there is a 200 GB plan that I did not have before with a very affordable price. When you hire 2 terabytes now you pay the same as before 1 terabytes.

Technical support is now available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day in our language. We have exclusive discounts such as credits on google play or hotels as special discounts.

Now you can share up to 5 people with the handling of the drive documents. The good thing is also that your contacts can be saved.

Remember that to use any google product you need to have an account and log in. In case you don't have one, it's easy to create it by having an email.

Within Google One we have different options in the unit where documents, saved photos and highlights have been saved, we also have the recycle bin.

If we want to upload a new file to the cloud simply by clicking on + new you can select a file, carpenter, documents, spreadsheets, from here you can decide with whom to share the files through the visibility and access level options. We will share our work with the people we are interested in sending the files to.

To be able to share a file we must select it, click on the share icon, add the email of the person with whom we want to share it, then we have options if we want the person who receives it to comment, can edit it, can see, depending on our choice and then we send you the invitation to share it finally.

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Price: Free
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About ..

- More storage for less price

- Very practical for work

- Exclusive promotions
- It can be slow due to internet speed

- I could be insecure in case they violate my account

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