Hitman Sniper Review

Updated 07.04.2020

Hitman Sniper is one of the most popular action games in both the App Store and Google Play. In it you will become a hitman who will have to be as silent and stealthy as possible
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Developer : SQUARE ENIX Ltd
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If we take a continuous look at the most downloaded games lists, both Google Play and the App Store, we will meet daily with several games that do not move from the top positions. One of them is Hitman Sniper, which despite being available for some years, is still one of the most popular action games and has a huge legion of followers.

Despite the passage of time, and that except in a few exceptions, is not a free download game, has managed to adapt to the new times and improving, not only in graphics and options, but also incorporating new missions.

In this game we put ourselves in the skin of the agent 47, with which we will have to develop different missions being a murderous silence. If you do not manage to be silent and you are discovered, the mission can go to waste. Of course, in the positive aspect is that you will always be provided with a sniper rifle that will help you very much to shoot and kill without being seen by anyone.

Surely you're wondering if it's worth paying for what this game is worth, and without a doubt the answer is yes. Normally the price of the game is not too high, although we all have the bad habit of not wanting to pay for any game or application. In return we will have more than 150 different missions available, where we will have to get the best possible score, in order to advance in the game.

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Price: Free
Category : Games
Developer : SQUARE ENIX Ltd
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As we go forward missions, and depending on the score we get in each of them, we will not only surpassing the missions, but also we will be able to unlock new weapons that will help us very much in the different murders that we must commit.

In total there are 13 different weapons that we can use the way we want as we go with them. In case you're wondering, Hitman Sniper may seem like a simple game, since we only have to perpetrate murders from afar with a sniper rifle, but in reality there is much more behind this game, which we warn you will be anything but simple.

Of course, if bloody games are not your thing, maybe you should take a new look in the App Store or Google Play and fall for another game of your style. Remember that it is not a game that can be downloaded for free, but we do warn you that there are many times of the year in which we can download the game without spending a single euro. If you have patience and after reading all this, you do not want to download it, and you prefer to be patient, you can save money, although we already warned you that for the price you have and the fun that it will offer you will not compensate for the wait. Ready to start firing with a sniper rifle and go on missions in Hitman Sniper?

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- 'Have patience when shooting and you will achieve your goal. In most cases the rush is not good '

- 'Do not be afraid that it is a game of payment since any investment will be very worthwhile'

- 'Enjoy the graphics, sound and gameplay since in a few games you can live an experience like this'

- 'Fun is guaranteed if you like action games'

- 'The price of the game is negligible compared to the hours of fun it will offer'

- 'The graphics, sound and gameplay offered by Hitman Sniper are absolutely spectacular'

- 'The huge amount of missions that it offers us will make us enjoy the game for a long time'
- 'Sometimes some of the missions are somewhat complicated and can give us more than one headache'

- 'The battery consumption is high and is that we are not faced with any game, but it is one that needs a lot of resources from our device'

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