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Updated 30.05.2020

IMDb is an app where you can find information about movies / video games / series / TV shows all over the world. You can read reviews and watch trailers about the movie, the game, etc and after watching it you can do a review you´r self. On the app can you also find extra information about tha cast, director and 'fun fact'
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What is IMDb?

IMDb is the most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV, and celebrity content. IMDb means internet, movies, database. It is an online database of information about movies, television shows, video games and Internet streaming. IMDb is the largest and most complete movie database on the Web. You can also find information about the actor, the cast and the personal biography, plot summaries, curiosities "did you know?" Fans and rating of the tv / movie / games program, etc. In October 2018, IMDb had around 5.3 million titles, including episodes. But also 9.3 million personalities with information. This site is made to find information before, meanwhile and after watching the movie.

IMDb is available in 6 different languages: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and German. IMDb is owned by amazo In .com. It began on October 17, 1990 by Col Needham.

What does IMDb do?

The application is for people interested in the film. You can find information about movies / games and everything around it. If you want to know more about actors, directors, upcoming films, interviews with actors and more, IMDb is really the right application for you. IMDb is not only an application, there is also a web view.There are many articles with different types of interesting titles. Examples of titles are "Low budget movies that really made a lot of money", "Scenes from movies that actors regret making", "Underrated movies that you already missed in 2019". IMDb is made to make it easy to find information about movies and games. But also to find fun fact and intesresting extra information about movies and games in general.If you want to find information about a movie before you watch it, you can watch the thrailer, find out who the actors are and what the movie is about on the same place. And also see what rating the movie got from previous observers of the movie. In IMDb you can see the next uppcoming games or movies. They have a "news" tab on the site where you can read about new managers, new missions or actors who win a share. 

There is IMDb but there is also IMDbpro. IMDbpro is for actors, producers, etc. where you can write your resume and make a profile to increase the chance to be seen. If you are new to the industry, an IMDb profile could help you be taken seriously and get a job.
It costs 19.99 US $ / month or 149.99 US $ / year.

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- Easy way to find good information about a movie, game, series and more

- You can see the trailer in the app

- Read what other people think about movies, games or series

- You can't watch movies on the app, a common misunderstanding.


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