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Updated 30.05.2020

This is a manga comic application that has been very successful in Japan and abroad. There are also many free titles
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Have you heard of Line Manga? Are you interested in the theme of manga? Because Line Manga is a great application that comes from Japan. We know that manga mania in Japan is a great success, and this is not new news. Line is a popular social network in Japan, developed by LINE Corporation, and is a very diverse platform that responds to trends in the smartphone industry. , share different discounts and more.

The site shared the latest usage data of the Line Manga application, undoubtedly one of its most successful applications. Line Manga was launched in April 2013, with 23 million downloads in Japan.

This application is an easy and fun way to read manga on your phone. With more than 2,900 titles, it is no accident that this is the most successful manga format downloaded to phones in China. There is a wide variety of themes and much of the manga is colored. You can simply download and not have to be online when you want to read an offline manga. You can share your favorite comics in the timeline of Line with other users. Implementing pages is easy with just sliding your fingers to "unfold the brochure", it simply cannot be.

Of course, there are many exclusive paid offers (cents), so, first of all, bookbubbies, so if you are a fan of the manga or use the Line app, why don't you hurry? Reading on the phones.

This Line Manga includes a patented reader and viewer, and you only need to understand Japanese. To make it easier for users, you can search for works in all genres, making it easy to choose the right reading for you. With approximately 50 jobs per day, you are in the best place. You can take advantage of the different promotional campaigns that the company likes to pamper its users. In general, prices are not expensive and there is an opportunity, sometimes, to earn someone else's penny.

As these works are mainly done in Japanese and are rarely translated into other languages, even the English translation is missing, so don't count on that. You can read any comments left under certain comics, you can bookmark a comment or a comic page. You can also share on other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Line. However, here we mention that the application is successful not only in Japan. From Line has the potential to prevail in the market with this successful application in the fierce competition in the Japanese manga market.

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Price: Free
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-There are many free comics

-You can also share on other platforms

-It is very popular
-It is in Japanese

-You should use Line

-Black and white pages

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