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Updated 30.05.2020

Love Balls is one of the simplest games, which will keep you glued to your smartphone for hours trying to overcome increasingly complicated levels. The game offers different levels in which you must be creative and join forces. This can become the perfect way to relax no matter if you are online or not
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Developer : Super Tapx Limited
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If we review the lists of applications from both Google Play and the App Store, we will find ourselves in the first positions with Love Balls, the game that we are talking about today, and that despite its simplicity has hooked hundreds of thousands of users of all the world. It has even become the object of worship of many youtubers who have made different videos about the game.

Once again, simplicity is the exponent of this game, which will hook us to unsuspected limits. In addition, the game mechanics is very simple, since we only have to try to get the two balls that are the main protagonists of the game to their destination.

To do this we must draw trajectories in the air so that both balls come together. Once this happens we will have passed the level. If you do not get it at the first time, do not worry as we will have several attempts, and even if you do not manage in any way to make the two balls come together, you can resort to the help button that will offer us a suggestion so that we can collect the balls.

The game, as it happens with many others, offers us in-app purchases, although originally it can be downloaded completely free of charge. Purchases allow you to get "help" within the game itself, although after trying it for a few days we can tell you that they are not necessary at all.

If you want to have a nice time and play a game without too many complications, Love Balls is definitely your game. Of course, be careful not to get too hooked since collecting balls is totally addictive.

Have you started enjoying and passing levels of the addictive Love Balls?

You must click on the initial object that represents the notebooks of the schools where students like to drown when they get bored in class. With a little help from the game's tutorials, you'll get a feel for the balls. They are colored in pink and blue, which can represent that they are attracted to each other, but do not forget the rules of gravity. While trying to draw the perfect surface for free-rolling balls, try to use as little ink as possible. This will increase the number of stars for your performance.

After starting to practice it this way, you can easily see how your star rank will change. In the game, the obliques between these two balls will be different on each level. You will face many challenges and sometimes you will have to draw an imaginative object that will fall on some of the balls and they will meet. Along with the basic levels of this game, you can also try some interesting punches to make the balls a bit more cool and stylish. So be sure to play around with these options. In the background store you can choose from a variety of themes, so before buying one you will have to pass some levels in which you can normally earn 75 coins.

Anything you want to change from the pen you use to the ball masks costs a number of coins, say 500 coins for pirate costumes. You can buy different pens, pencils, fineliner, etc. You can always see your results history and try to improve it, but you can also share your scores with social networks to impress your friends.

As we said before, when you go ahead, things will get a bit more complicated and you will have to draw some lines instead of one. Or the object you will draw on the balls will fall on them, but it will continue to be real objects in the game. So just use your logical thinking and of course try different strategies.

Sometimes, as people, we must fail just for the good to learn how to better prepare ourselves next time. So don't be surprised when things in the game simply change their nature. You can even try the customization aspect of the wreme game, you can draw your own levels. You can try to stimulate your brain or simply reduce boredom when you have some free time. The game is played by many children and has more than 100 levels, making it excellent for improving brain skill.

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Price: Free
Category : Games
Developer : Super Tapx Limited
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As we mentioned before, the goal within Love Balls is to unite the love of two balls that are in different points, to get it we can draw lines that lead that love.

In the first levels we find a simple tutorial where we will learn how to overcome the presented puzzles, imagination is vital since we can draw all kinds of curved lines that fulfill their purpose. Of course when using less ink, more points you get.

Its playability makes it very addictive, the percentage of remaining ink that we can use appears in the upper screen. Love Balls is a free game but it has announcements that will be shown every few phases that we finish. In addition, after each game we can double the score by watching a video.

Unlike other games, Love Balls does not require having the Internet connection activated so if we want we can put the terminal in airplane mode and play without interruptions. This is especially appreciated if we are going to be playing for a long time.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- 'Playing logic and skill games such as Love Balls helps keep us alive and improve, for example, our ability to reason'

- 'Do not be in a hurry, and sometimes the levels are only overcome with patience and being very observant'

- 'Be careful who you let play to Love Balls since the purchases integrated in the application can be a dislike'

- 'Never despair when it comes to overcoming a level, because you can always resort to the help of the game and not lose interest or make you a loser'

- It is a simple game that that will make you think on certain occasions to find the correct solution.

- The loading of the game is fast, mainly because the graphics are very normal.

- The levels are practically infinite, so the fun is guaranteed for days and days.

- Can be played offline.
- Sometimes Love Balls is too simple, especially if you have practice and skill with this type of game.

- In-app purchases are a real hassle, just like the ads we will have to endure from time to time.

- It is only for children.

- It is a small game that lacks depth.

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