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Updated 30.05.2020

Super Mario is a series of most famous video games worldwide, its creator is Nintendo. The stories of the video game are based on the plumber Mario who often has very funny special magical powers!
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With the new Super Mario Kart 8 you can spend the entire race in first or second position and then in the last meters receive a series of cakes in the form of colored shells, rays, honks and bananas everywhere that can make you stay last in question of seconds. That's why I write these little tips so you can guide yourself.

With each delivery of Mario Kart you always have to learn to drive again, there are basic things that we must learn to improve, win the cups, win all the stars, be able to beat our friends and have more online skills.

There are 4 basic points to improve in Mario Kart.

* Character selection: There are 3 types of characters, the light ones that are babies; the medium ones are those of regular body; and the heavy ones are the fattest and biggest.

Something neutral is a medium one because they are easy to control and are not as fast or as slow. Unlike babies that are easier to control when they are spinning but are slow; the heavy ones are super fast but in the turns they are difficult to control they go more open.

To be able to handle correctly we must look in the driving section for what is fuller and try to have the operating bar between 3 and 4 bars. There are differences between driving cars, motorcycles and ATVs.

The tires are the crucial point of a good handling in Mario Kart because with the small tires we will go a little faster but we will go around very tightly; with off-road tires we may go better in all areas and the same name tells you but at the time of the turns they are very open; and the normal tires we would say the most regular ones, we have something in between, being the best when you start to know the game.

The wing or sail we have to plan reduces our weight or increases acceleration and speed. There is the intelligent handling that if activated will not let us get off the track for example if you want to play with young children or if you want to practice. The Y activates the motion control and the R activates the automatic advance in case you forget to be pressing the accelerator all the time.

* Quick exit is not to leave normally because it can take us a long time, what are we going to do: when the counter is at 2 and the number is about to fall at that moment we will accelerate and you can see that you leave with a turbo, also depends on how long we press it to see how long the turbo will last. Between the well done turbo and the bad done the difference is abysmal.

* Hold items to support us

There are many people who do not know how to stay behind to protect themselves from obstacles, it is best to try to keep the items behind if we press the button to launch the items (Button L) and as long as it is held down Mario will have his protection item behind to prevent any type of attack.

* The mini-turbos (jumps and skids)

With our R or ZR button you can jump; when jumping or leaving it pressed, you have to turn to where I want to skid. There are 3 levels of skidding the blue, yellow and red to reach the latter must be in very wide curves so that the entire skid is loaded in time. Purple is like the quick exit well done.

By also providing extra power in certain parts of the track.

Well I hope you enjoyed this basic mini tutorial to play Mario Kart and enjoy it a lot!

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About ..

- This game is fantastic in terms of design and aesthetics.

- Easily be one of the best console games.

- A master job in the design choice, which gives the player all the information he needs to understand how to play the rest of the game from the first 10 seconds of game time
- When they hit you in the air and you lose your powers, you also seem to lose all momentum in your jump, which usually leads to death. It is just a sign of the hardware limitations

- Lack of visualization to know how many lives I had left in the middle of a level

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