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Updated 16.10.2019

If you like strategy games, you have to try, if not you have still done Minecraft, where your cunning and intelligence will be fundamental to emerge victorious
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Developer : Mojang
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Since it arrived on the market a few years ago, Minecraft has become one of the most popular games, and has a legion of followers, among which are some of the most famous YouTubers in the world, who like many others. this excellent game.

It does not matter what type of game you like, because Minecraft will make you fall in love from the first day. And is that the possibility of exploring randomly generated worlds or the possibility of building things as big as you want and as incredible as your mind comes to imagine, is something that everyone likes.

And we do not say it to say, and is that anything you can imagine can be built in Minecraft. If you do not believe it, you just have to dive for a while on YouTube to see the huge built mansions, which sometimes look like real cities, football stadiums, museums, or as we said anything you can imagine.

In addition, the different game modes that we propose will be useful for any type of player to fully enjoy this game, which is available for a huge number of platforms, and of course has its version for mobile devices, which we can download from the Google Play and the App Store. Of course, we already warned you that the experience at the time of playing is not the same as you will find for example on a computer, but still with everything will serve to have a good time.

If you are looking for a fun and engaging game, in addition to building everything that goes through your imagination like a real madman, and give it all a thrill in abundance, download Minecraft right now and start enjoying it.

Ready to start enjoying how much Minecraft offers you?

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Price: Free
Category : Games
Developer : Mojang
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About ..

Minecraft is today one of the most popular games that we can find, with versions for most consoles on the market, most operating systems and for almost any mobile device. Build, build and build is the main objective, although we will also have to know how to safeguard from the many dangers that plague the different worlds of this simple, but excellent and addictive game

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- 'Take things slowly and do not want to build everything in the first moment, choose the place well and think very well what you want to build before getting down to work'

- 'The high places of the different worlds are key to be able to have a position of advantage against your rivals'

- 'Minecraft is highly addictive, so be careful or spend more hours in front of your smartphone than enjoying other things'

- 'Always carry a loaded or external battery or when you want to realize you will not be able to verify how your constructions are going in Minecraft when you have run out of battery'

- 'A game of the simplest that has become one of the most popular worldwide'

- 'The fun is infinite no matter how much you've been playing for years and years'

- 'The price of the game is laughable'
- 'Sometimes it can become a bit monotonous, especially if building and building is not ours'

- 'It is not the same to play Minecraft on a mobile device as a computer, but it is also highly addictive'

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