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Updated 20.02.2020

Mobile Legends is a 5 vs. 5 battle game to play from your mobile. The most important thing is to throw all the enemy towers to be able to pass the level!
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If what you want is to know what this new MOBA game called Mobile Legends is about, you are in the right place. What is a MOBA is a category of games that is a battle or war of 5 against 5 generally although there are other game modes.

A Moba tries while killing the enemies of the opposing team, it is also necessary to throw the enemy tower because you must not only fight in battle and kill but also destroy towers. The game focuses on throwing towers and you win the game.

There are several types of roles, positions and types of characters, one of them is the Tank is called that because it is the one that has to tank and go in front of the team fight, he has to deal with the initiation that is to attack the rival and absover all possible damage so that they do not harm their peers.

The Shooter is the heroes that are supposed to have more physical damage and the goal is to kill them to weaken your opponent. They are the ones that hurt the most.

The Wizards are very fragile, they cannot hit so quickly and they have damage by ability, they must always be accompanied.

A support is responsible for helping and healing your allies.

The role of combatiene is the most balanced and good role, they kill well and can go quiet alone along a line and also go to the jungle.

The killers are heroes with a lot of damage and mobility are those who are responsible for killing and making targets at the start of the game. They are not very hard to peel since the hardest are the tanks.

The most normal is a killer doing the jungle, you have to buy the jungle items to do it together with the magician. The jungle is the one that moves most along the lines to help.


Every time they have numerical superiority, objectives can be made to make experience. The Lord invokes subjects and makes them stronger when he appears on the line most touched by the enemy. What must be done is to pull the lines forward or go behind the Lord, next to the Lord.

The objects that must be purchased at the beginning is best to copy the equipment of a global top and you trust those who are at the highest and use that.

To start, you can start with Leyla a malefic artillery, it does a lot of damage and lasts very little.

In the upper left corner you can see the map which consists of 3 streets, the one above, the middle one and the one below. In this game a personle usually goes to the middle, two above and two below forming a total of 5 characters against 5 enemy characters.

In the Jungle we find ourselves with a Bug is the BLue that when killing it gives us a small smoke that when we breathe it causes us to use less mana and have less cool down in the abilities. Cool down is the time we have to wait after doing a skill, killing this bug saves us mana and waiting time to reuse the skills. This smoke is better to be caught by the magician because when he casts many spells he can capture more mana.

This game is a lot of thinking about the moves and gradually taking the lives of enemies called poquear, going down the life of the enemy based on skills or basic blows without risking too much.

Each time you die, the waiting time to return becomes longer and each time you advance the same.

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Price: Free
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-Good graphics

-Heroes from various countries

-Easy gameplay and control
- Unstable connection

- Player report system

- Lots of failures and errors

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