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Updated 30.05.2020

In this game, Monster Hunter World tells the story of an Old World expedition destined to explore life in the New World as an unknown desert with unknown wonders of an unknown race. The commission of inquiry, which is accompanied by a well-trained staff, dedicated to the task of capturing or killing any human being, is incredible
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Monster Hunter: World is an action-packed role-playing game developed by Capcom (Japan). The game can be played on various platforms such as Xbox One, Playstation 4 and MicroSoft Windows.

In the game you can take on the role of a professional monster chaser who has mission after mission, capturing and killing several monsters, some of which are much harder to detect than others. After winning the game, you will receive rewards for your efforts as food of the beast or various parts of it with which you can build better weapons to continue hunting in the game. In Monster Hunter 3 you can hunt alone or in teams of up to four people, which is offered by its multiplayer online mode.
The facts show that developers are trying to reach more consumers in the western world, not just in Japan, where their main focus is, in principle.

The game is played from a third party position. You will begin your adventure on the way to the New World, which is populated by strange forms of monstrous life. You are part of an important expedition destined to capture or kill monsters outside the well-known world of Aster. The arsenal includes cutting-edge weapons of 14 types, such as bow, sword, bow and more. The weapons themselves determine the style of play and tactics of the player in the attack, and there are several rewards in the game that you can find in certain fields of the area. In addition to increasing to increase your computer based on the tasks you perform, you can also buy several devices. This is the main point in this game, each victory and subsequent victories help you fight against stronger monsters and potentially get more lethal weapons.

Back in Astaire, a hunter can trade to advance on his way. There is also a timely workshop for the smithy of weapons and, last but not least, the armor, which is of utmost importance for the protection of the player.
Because in this game, the overall performance of the player is determined by his inventory and the level of effectiveness of his individual accessories, it is important to develop his armor, weapons and armor skills, as this improves his overall performance.

In Aster you can also take care of your character before and after the battle. This is their habitat, it requires a lot of preparation and skills development. This is done through proper exercise, a strong diet that you can cook to improve your vitality. There he even has his own farm with crops he cultivates while fighting monsters outside Aster.

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-A player is good to run a campaign

-The third person view is nice

-You can play in multiplayer mode
-Failures may occur

-Uncomfortable menus in the interface

-Some scenes are repeated

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