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Updated 03.06.2020 is an application for mobile devices provided by TikTok. A mobile game that offers free current music songs to sing and record at the same time. This allows you to make lots of friends, learn how to edit videos, and have a good time. Collaborations may appear between some people when they do a duet or remixes
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Sponsored Link is an application that is like a children's mobile game that offers free streaming music songs in which users can record videos, sing songs and later publish them. The developers are based in Shanghai, but they also have an office in Santa Monica California.

The application proposes to record a video of how the user sings a song and then synchronizes the sounds of the song with the movements of the lips of the video. This way, both things will overlap to look authentic and crafted. Each user has the opportunity to show their creativity within the interval of 15 seconds to one minute for a clip that can be shot once or several times. Now that the video is a fact of help, there are various tools that can now be handled in a special way to make sure you stand out from the rest. This involves adjusting speeds from slow to fast or using filters, for example. Of course, there is also the ability to share videos publicly to upload via the platform.

 As a good social gaming network, all users who post their videos on the platform can interact with each other, creating a large community of people who are interested in such music tastes. Someone might suggest you do a duet or ask questions, don't worry about inspiring others. Hashtags is the easiest way to find what interests you. There are also no material for popular artists, their songs and various trends in the French classes.


It's important to know that any recorded videos that are stored by default in the app must be manually saved in the video library of the mobile device being used, otherwise, once you decide to delete the app in the future, you will lose all your videos and races are played recorded.


After a few tries, you'll see how easy it is to edit it, create effects, cut out areas you don't like, or just adapt it to your liking. If you are short on time and want to save or distribute a really important event via Live Moments for short videos, it is at this point that the app lets you share it on major social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. to pass on your success to all your friends and family. And everyone is encouraged to use it and breed a little more creativity or even provocation.


TikTok fusion with Musical Ly!

Bytedance has bought Musicaly and instead of competing who is better, rather they merged, that is, they came together to make a much bigger application to grow twice as much. The logo of the application was disappearing over time so that it was not such a radical change for people.

The videos were gradually changing and when you started saving them they were already made with the TikTok logo and also many have not seen the new update. You can download free technically you must enter the play store or IOS store you must search and out of nowhere you will see the option to open, update in green, click there and you already have it with the new logo.

What has changed the most is the part of the lupita that is where all the hashtags, the leaderboard and many other things came from because in general it is a change in itself more aesthetic.

What tells you is that there will be no more leaderboard that it will not be necessary to upload too many videos for you to get many likes, if you want to be found or seen so that your name always appears at the top of the searches or between the tiktok tops you have to do the hashtags which is the most important thing to keep growing so that people know you.

It is much cooler and has new tools such as there is one that is a video reaction, you will be reacting to the videos and that people see your funny reaction or what your face was when you saw this to be able to have fun with it.

Now users who post on TikTok will no longer be called Musers but will now be TikToKers! And the best thing about this cake is that now when you upload a video you should not click on save anymore since it does it automatically saving you a step being super comfortable.

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Price: Free
Category : Music, Video
Developer :
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About ..

- Musically is a game that not only offers you to create your own video with the latest hits that you like about current music, but also you will find articles written by professionals that will give you knowledge and tricks to make your video all exit.

- Discover the games and contests and challenges that the app offers daily to improve your music videos day by day and thus become a music professional and reach as many people and followers as possible.

- One of the best options is the ability to save your video as private. In this way you can create as many videos as you want without the need to publish them. Improve day by day until you have a perfect video and to your liking to publish it.

- The best of are the effects. Play to apply many video modes that the app offers you for free, to make slow, fast, normal effects, etc. Give your videos a touch of humor by making special effects and surprise your friends.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- If you want to be a great musically and be among the best, the first most important advice is that you must be natural. One of the things that characterizes the two best mussers is that only with their naturalness and mobile, have they become the best.

- Enjoy the duels with a friend. It is very easy to do it and if you synchronize it, it can be very good assembly, and surprise the remains.

- Another thing you can do to get to the top is to accept the challenges. In this way you can improve again and again and reach the best positions in the rankings.

- Be aware of the tags to know which song is newer and what is petating on the social network. This way you will be updated and you will sing what the best people sing and you will enjoy playing hours and hours.

- You know many people of all kinds

- When you record, your artistic side comes out

- You can spend hours laughing at videos

- Learn new digital skills
- When you record a video, if you close the app at that moment you lose it, it is not saved

- People look at you like a weirdo when you record in public

- When listening to a song that you like, you will start making gestures as if you were recording

- Only with Iphone the video looks full HD4K

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