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Updated 10.12.2019 is an application for mobile devices. A game for mobile that offers songs of current music for free to sing about them and record at the same time
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Category : Music, Video
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Sponsored Link is mainly an application game for mobile devices that offers free music songs where users can record themselves on video by singing those songs and then publish them.


 As a good social gaming network, all users who publish their videos on the platform can interact with each other, where they can create a large community of people interested in similar musical tastes.


It is important to know that all recorded videos, which are stored by default in the application, must be saved manually in the video library of the mobile device that is being used, because if not, once you decide to delete the app in the future, you will lose all your videos and competitions recorded plays.


Once you have made your creation, you can edit it to give effects, cut areas that you do not like, or simply adapt it to your liking. It is at that moment where the app gives you the option to share it on the largest social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., to make your success reach all your friends and family. And let everyone be encouraged to play!

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Price: Free
Category : Music, Video
Developer :
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About ..

- Musically is a game that not only offers you to create your own video with the latest hits that you like about current music, but also you will find articles written by professionals that will give you knowledge and tricks to make your video all exit.

- Discover the games and contests and challenges that the app offers daily to improve your music videos day by day and thus become a music professional and reach as many people and followers as possible.

- One of the best options is the ability to save your video as private. In this way you can create as many videos as you want without the need to publish them. Improve day by day until you have a perfect video and to your liking to publish it.

- The best of are the effects. Play to apply many video modes that the app offers you for free, to make slow, fast, normal effects, etc. Give your videos a touch of humor by making special effects and surprise your friends.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- If you want to be a great musically and be among the best, the first most important advice is that you must be natural. One of the things that characterizes the two best mussers is that only with their naturalness and mobile, have they become the best.

- Enjoy the duels with a friend. It is very easy to do it and if you synchronize it, it can be very good assembly, and surprise the remains.

- Another thing you can do to get to the top is to accept the challenges. In this way you can improve again and again and reach the best positions in the rankings.

- Be aware of the tags to know which song is newer and what is petating on the social network. This way you will be updated and you will sing what the best people sing and you will enjoy playing hours and hours.

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