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Updated 03.06.2020

You are looking for the fastest browser in the world? Then Opera Mini is the best choice! This web browser is almost the ideal companion for your Android and great if you want to keep your data consumption low. With up to 300 million users per month, Opera Mini is one of the world's most popular mobile web browsers
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The Norwegian software company Opera Software AS has been known for its desktop web browsers for more than 20 years and in 2006 they finally launched the mobile web browser Opera Mini, which initially offered an alternative for mobile phones that do not support a common web browser. Today, the mobile web browser has become indispensable.

If you search for Opera in the app, you will find at least 4 Opera versions: Opera browser, Opera browser beta, Opera Mini and Opera Mini Beta.
The Opera browser is similar to the desktop version of Opera. He makes the websites well and clearly has the tabs on top of the website. The address bar and the search bar are together. The beta version is just a more recent version, but it is more buggy. The Opera Mini version for your Android has the same interface and features as the Deskop version. Again, the beta version is more up-to-date, but more error prone.

Opera Mini as the fastest browser in the world? With the help of the built-in data turbo, web pages are compressed on the servers of the Norwegian and load even with slow data connection at a suitable speed. Do not worry about your data volume, because even the consumption of your mobile data is considerably reduced and the surfing speed is only negatively affected. With a new built-in function, you always have control over your data consumption, because you can always display your data consumption.

Your privacy is important. With the setting "private tabs" you can surf on pages without being displayed in the browser history. In addition, you are no longer disturbed by ongoing advertising. The mobile ad blocker gives you the freedom to read entire articles without the annoying appearance of ads.

Never before has it been so easy to keep track. Opera Mini offers a comprehensible and easy handling: Within a Web Broswsers one can switch between several web pages. In order to have your favorites always ready, Opera Mini shows you at Open your 9 favorite sites that are immediately available. You are looking for any category you are interested in and Opera Mini will put together interesting content from the web for you. Do not forget to sync your Opera account with your computer or tablet. So you can read your favorite content anytime, if your phone battery run down.

All bookworms picked up! Opera Mini also offers a smart night mode, making evening reading easier on your eyes.

Convince yourself and download the Opera Mini for free from your Google Play Store.

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- Low data consumption and at the same time control over your data volume

- Clear surface

- Less advertising - look what you are really interested
- The quality of the graphics is worse by the data saving

- Individual websites can only be viewed after they have been enlarged

- Privacy: All views and searches go to a private company

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