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Updated 30.05.2020

Pinterest is a very popuplar and powerful web application where you can create or save pins, boards, categories, themes and more. You can also share hyperlinks and follow other users. These free social networks are very popular and easy to use on both smartphones and desktops. The content is mainly images, gifs, videos and text messages
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Pinterest is a social network for sharing photos. It is similar to an inspiration board, where users can share and manage thematic images, such as games, hobbies, clothing, perfumes, crafts, sports, healthy lifestyle, fashion and more.

Each user can share their images, recompose those of other users and place them in their collections or tables (boards), in addition to being able to comment and carry out other actions available on the site. In order for users to interact more widely with other communities, the site is affiliated with Twitter and Facebook.

With an easy design and rapid growth, it has become a new medium for sharing images on the Internet. It was voted one of the best websites of 2011 by Time magazine.

Due to its complexity, it can be used both for hobbies and inspirations and for work. Many designers and professional visual artists can use it as their simulated dashboard. Another good side of this is that you can see the stream of selected images for your interests.

Its development started in December 2009, and it was released in closed beta version, in March 2010. It is currently operating in open beta version, which requires the request of a request requested by email address. Ben Silbermann, creator of the site, says he has personally enrolled the first 5,000 users, offering his personal phone number and even organizing meetings with others. Nine months later, the site already had 10,000 users. Silbermann and the developers operated the site in a small apartment until the summer of 2011.

On August 16, 2011, Time magazine ranked Pinterest as one of the "Top 50 Sites of 2011".

Pinterest's iPhone and Android app was updated in February 2012. The iPad app is still in development. The social network also has a mobile site. The website is quite nice and easy to use, but the best thing you'll notice is that it doesn't take long. Your registration process is instantaneous and you won't feel any tension completing this little formality.

If you are new to Download Pinterest, you must register both on the desktop and with the mobile application. This will require entering your email addresses, password, and your age. You can alternatively do it through your Facebook or Google accounts. As we said before, this will work instantly fast and will go to your virtual dashboard on your screen.

The automation process will take you to the first and basic thing you can do and this is choosing a few categories: Sport, Animals, Tattoo Art, Recipes, Quotes and much more. Then Pinterest will ask you to choose five categories; do not hesitate to choose more if you want to do it. And then your feed will be populated with related images from the categories you choose.

On the main page, you will see a banner that welcomes you, will have your themes and the pen mark from where you can make changes. On the upper left side of the navigation bar, you can see the Pinterest logo and the Start drop-down menu.

If you click on the Pinterest homepage you will also see the following and if you click on that you can start following people who already have some popular accounts or who are related to the categories there. You can skip this step if you are new to this and I have no people to follow. The following is the search in which you can write with words what you are looking for.

On the right side of the search form you can see the notification; There you can see all the new images that correspond to your interests. You can click on them and see all the new ideas there. Moving to the right you will see your type of message box. This is an easy way to share with other users: they can be your friends or perhaps a colleague at work. The last icon in the navigation bar represents your profile. There is your control panel: you can delete your profile, you can use a commercial profile and make changes.

Basically, all you can do is create your boards, create pins, you can also add information about what you posted and give others some more information about what you are doing or how it is done, if you want to post the photo of your favorite pizza , you can add the recipe.

Enjoy your creativity with this application that is having a lot of success!

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Price: Free
Category : social network
Developer : Pinterest
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About ..

Pinterest is used to upload, save, sort and manage images, known as "pins", and other multimedia content such as videos, for example by placing them in collections known as "pinboards". Pins are classified into categories such as nature, shops, fashion, electronics and among others. Users can also share the content they like so they can be shown on their personal page.

It's also possible, similar to Facebook's buddy button, by pressing the "Pin It" button to demonstrate that content pleases you.

With the launch of Pinterest, it became common to use the social network as a virtual showcase, where marketers, especially from the fashion industry, expose their products so that users of the service quickly share the products they like. Thanks to this, marketers increased the traffic of users on their web sites, and consequently the volume of sales through the virtual medium

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

-Detailed descriptions
-Text of preference in Portuguese
Do not use hashtags
- Lists or assemblies
-The pictures in the picture
-Give preference to vertical images
-Contents that generate curiosity
-Do not use amateur content

-Pinterest allows selective tracking.

-All the signs are open.

-You do not have to leave comments.

-The images are hyperlinked to their source.

-The "Share" button makes it easy to share content.

-The half-life of a pin is 3.5 months.
-Pinterest attracts a very specific audience.

-Quality images are necessary.

-Timing is no longer the main user component when it comes to Pinter's hints.

- Sometimes the content stream can be too much to handle

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