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Updated 30.05.2020

Portal 2 is a puzzle game from the perspective of a first-person character developed by Velve and will be launched in 2011. The game is a continuation of the original 2007 Portal
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Many people wonder why there are so many fans waiting for Valve video games like May water and why there is so much desire for them to return to the software now that they are back on Steam, their authentic golden egg hen.

The boys of Gabe Newell have a law engraved on fire that is not to take anything to the market that they are not totally sure that it will not be a masterpiece, the game only carries its seal if it has something to say.

Portal 2 is one of the best examples of this, a video game that is a representative of its kind in itself, a fun, intelligent and addictive title. 3 elements that are not always together in an equation and that when they work as well as here give us the reason to all those who consider video games Art.

We go with the modern classic Portal 2 which is a reinvention of the first part injecting a great sense of humor and a fascinating narrative but that may sound a bit weird because if we wanted to use the story of Portal 2 to write a novel this would be rather cortita, things happen but events proper the truth is that there are few; It all comes down to a series of test cameras assembled with a lot of genius but also with the great comments of a Gladow or a Wheatley that are the true and the drivers of everything until the end.

You can discover a lot of portal from your first room here is everything, the radio that sounds with that song because this game has a funny background and does not end up taking itself seriously and also that first portal. We understand two things immediately that person who is there is you and you realize why he moves when you press any key; There are also two portals referred to in the title one blue and one orange both input / output. Before all this we hear someone who is not a human being is a robot that gives us instructions, while he is giving us instructions you can realize that the artificial intelligence that drives the cotarro is defective, there is something that goes wrong and the egg underneath The room is not exactly to calm us down, we are not safe but worse yet we are alone.

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Price: Free
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About ..

- Visually designed and well designed

- First person perspective

- Fascinating action story
- Short game.

- Frequent loading screens.

- It's not free.

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