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Updated 10.12.2019

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Developer : Tencent Games
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If Fortnite Battle Royale has been one of the most downloaded games in the App Store in recent months, becoming one of the most prominent games of the moment, but without its version available for Android, on the other side we find PUBG MOBILE , a very similar game that is available to owners of a mobile device with an operating system signed by Google. It is also available in the official Apple application store, although yes, maybe not as successfully as it has in Google Play.

Undoubtedly it has become the most successful game of 2017, with millions of players scattered around the world, who share the game, and who try to survive in interesting games, loaded with adrenaline.

For the less initiated in this type of games, we are talking about a game that belongs to the so-called Battle Royale, or what is the same, a game in which all fight against all, with the sole purpose of surviving until the final and become the winner of the game. In them participate a maximum of 100 players, where we already warned there will be a total of 99 losers, so if yours is not to lose, maybe you should lean for other games or practice very much to become a winner within PUBG MOBILE.

Before we embark on the adventure of explaining certain details about this popular game, you should know that it is not just any game. And is that just look for it in Google Play, the first notice we received is that it is a large game, specifically 1.64 GB, something that you must keep in mind, especially if you have a smartphone with little internal storage .

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Price: Free
Category : Games
Developer : Tencent Games
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When it comes to the game we find a game that more than likely will convince you from the start. And is that once you get together with other 99 players, where it is only worth winning, and everyone wants to kill you, fun can have no limits.

The mechanics of PUBG MOBILE is the simplest and is that after appearing on an island, without provisions or weapons, you must seek your life, first to find these weapons, with which after you must defend yourself from the many attacks you go To suffer. Keep in mind that in the first games you will last very little with life. Every time there is a greater number of players with a lot of experience, and the novices are easy meat to eliminate an opponent.

As for the advice we can give you, we must tell you that you should always be with your eyes open, be the least visible in the first moments of the game, and above all it is crucial that you get weapons with which to defend yourself. Unfortunately if you run out of weapons with which to defend yourself, you only have two options left, find a good hiding place from where you should not go or wait while sitting down to have one of your rivals kill you.

PUBG MOBILE is today one of the most interesting and fun games that we can find both on Google Play and the App Store, and which you should not stop playing if you like this type of games where the action is present at all times.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- The Battle Royale games are here to stay, and one of their references is PUBG MOBILE, which we fear we will not be able to stop playing

- Be cautious in the first moments of the game, and maybe you can think of victory sooner than later

- Do not neglect your back, or trust anyone. Do not forget that there will only be one winner and if it's you, it will not be who seems to be helping you

- The fun in PUBG MOBILE is practically endless, and we already tell you that winning a game will be something that you will have to work very hard

- The download of this game is completely free, a great advantage, although integrated purchases, as usual, are present throughout the game
- PUBG MOBILE occupies 1.64 GB of internal storage so keep this in mind, especially if you are short of space on your smartphone

- The battery consumption is quite high, so you should not lose sight of the fact that every mobile device has to not surprise you

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