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Updated 30.05.2020

Safari is the fastest and most battery-saving web browser for all iOS and iPadOS devices. You do not have to worry about surfing in Safari. Many features are concerned about your privacy and security. A wide selection of widgets and numerous extensions let you customize the browser to your needs. Convince yourself of it
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Safari is a web browser developed by Apple and therefore available only for iOS and iPadOS devices.

The integrated privacy feature ensures your privacy and safe browsing. There are several features available. Intelligent Tracking Protection tracks advertisers who track your online behavior to prevent it. Sandboxing is a protection against harmful websites. This feature restricts what websites can do, warns you about websites and provides protection against malicious code and malware. If you then enable private surfing or DuckDuckGo, the web browser will exclude any web pages you visit from your online activity. In order for your passwords to be secure and strong, they are automatically created for you. Once saved, your passwords will automatically be filled into web pages on all your devices. In the settings are marked all the passwords that have been used several times so that you can easily update them.

With iCloud, your passwords, bookmarks, reading lists, tabs, and history are always available on any of your devices.

With the bookmarks you can save your favorite websites and call again and again. Web pages you want to read later can be added to your reading list. With the tab view you can see which website you had open without having to search for the same information again. Another option is to save web pages that you want to re-enter at a later date. To give you an easy-to-use interface, the iCloud keychain stores your usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers, which are protected with the reliable 256-bit AES encryption your data. With Apple Pay, you can then pay safely and easily. Apple Pay works on many shopping sites. But do not worry, your credit card details are never shared by Apple.

In addition, you can personalize almost everything in Safari by adjusting the settings for individual web pages.

But Safari also has some widgets like smart streaming, quick access to popular and favorite websites, Spotlight, which allows you to quickly filter out the information you want from sources like Wikipedia, and the Reader to read without distractions. In the settings you can also activate, that when surfing no unexpected videos with sound are automatically played or that you can see immediately with the tabs webpage symbol, what you have opened.

Numerous extensions offer you the opportunity to complement your browsing experience. Have a look at the Mac App Store and add some.

Everything you find while surfing in Safari, you can easily share with your friends and even without leaving Safari.

Get the fastest, battery-saving web browser for all iOS and iPadOS devices!

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About ..

- Very fast and clear

- Extensive App Store

- Blocks autoplay videos with soundtracks by default
- Runs only on Apple hardware

- Settings awkward to reach through the system settings

- Missing plugin store

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