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Updated 20.02.2020

Shareware (Shareit Information Technology Co., Ltd.) is a technology company founded in April 2015. The CEO of the company is Michael Qiu
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Shareware (Shareit Information Technology Co., Ltd.) is a technology company founded in April 2015. The CEO of the company is Michael Qiu.

Users can use SHAREit to transfer files, including photos, videos, music, contacts, applications and any other file. The SHAREit application allows Windows, Windows Phone, Android and iOS devices to transfer files directly.

It is currently available in 39 languages, including English, Hindi, Indonesian, French, Spanish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese.

SHAREit owners also have other useful applications, such as LOCKit, LISTENit, CLEANit and CLONEit.

The SHAREit application uses a secure connection protocol and has faster transfer speeds than Bluetooth and NFC. The other method of transferring files is through Bluetooth, NFC or USB drives. This was observed by several renowned universities and even by magazines such as WIRED. By observing the insecure protocol offered by USB drives and the slow speed of Bluetooth, applications such as SHAREit, based on Wi-Fi Direct methods, have been developed.

SHAREit also offers a variety of digital entertainment for videos, music, movies, GIFs, memes, etc. within its application, collaborating with parceiros as or Times Music.

SHAREit tem 1.5 bilhões of users in all or world and também é um two 10 application melhores baixados not Google Play in the last 10 years, together with WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Skype, UC Browser, Snapchat and Line of agreement as a relatório by dice do market app company of insights Appannie.
On May 8, 2018, SHAREit acquired or application Fastfilmz e nomeou Karam Malhotra, or founder of Fastfilmz as CEO of SHAREit India.
In 2017, the government of India announced a list of applications, including SHAREit, not Android and not iOS, which, second as an intellective entity, is spyware.
The troops are instructed to exclude applicative esses.Embora, or application negue essa acusação ao liberate uma declaração oficial.
To guarantee a secure, non-compartilhamento of ponto-a-ponto off-line applications, or SHAREit colaborou com o Google to initiate or metadata integration program of segurança.
In addition to metadata integration, all applications shared by SHAREit will be displayed off-line on Google Play to ensure that all applications transferred from a device to another source originate from malware.

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-We can transfer large files between two devices.

-The speed of file sharing through ShareIt is much faster than normal bluetooth file sharing.

-The user interface is very clean.

-There is no need for an internet connection to use this application.
-You can hang devices with little memory.

-There are some errors in this application.

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