Sky Dancer Review

Updated 30.05.2020

Free mobile game with relaxing music. Parkour jumping high only for adrenaline lovers. The game is more relaxing and fun without stress. Enjoy whimsical landscapes and jumps that resemble bird fields. Play in different climates and terrains and feel the control that this game gives you
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Skydancer is one of the most beautiful games that exist with reassuring music and scenarios that can blow your imagination.

As you can see when the game starts on the main screen that is located above a huge circle and where you can choose which function of the game you are chosen to select, such as improving or changing our Skydancer, on the Dancer tab is where you can see all the characters that the game offers us: Tharbad is the pioneer of the dance of heaven, Carol Claus To prove her worth to her father, David the French genius in gymnastics, Lucia, a former princess from a past, Beatrice needs more power to take over , Azura The merry princess, Jigoni a grotesque monster, Nina an ex spy, a girl from the Bue tribe, the Uru Daga tribe in the depths of the people, Jack Marrow a necromancer brought the best.

Some the late Pharaoh, Anna coming from the Russian lands, Sania, Collodi on the Italian puppet teacher, Naomi, the young general of the empire, the flower queen comes with spring, the Ice Dance appears with the snow every day , Juan follows in his father's footsteps, Doctor Badevil is dedicated to combining science, Lucile Hart coming from the wild west, Ying, Kenta the sumo boy, Bnann coming from the deep forests, Lisa's people call her the queen, Joker he's gone crazy, Maxine never lost, Bill, Lachanar without saying a word, Bruce, a cold-blooded mercenary, Little Kong learned from humans, Moe, a prince turned frog.

As you can see the game offers us many characters, anyone can unlock by running the game, finding the different pieces of the puzzle on the way.

The rule is not to fall into the void and collect as many coins or prizes as you can. It has different scenarios such as at night with a full moon and crying, each scenario changes a little the rules and the ways of obtaining the rewards, which makes it a little more bearable to go from level to level and continues to have fun; You can find the world of ice also where you will see the coins shaped like rainbows, the ice floor can have holes as well as you must be careful not to slip too much because when you slip you can easily fall into the miscellaneous.

When you go from one level to another, the rewards you accumulate also appear, you can also change characters and choose the type of world.

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Price: Free
Category :
Developer :
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About ..

-Very nice jumping

-The game has a good atmosphere.

-The graphics are nice
- Annoying ads

-Uniform appearance after a while

-Dear dancers

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