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Updated 20.02.2020

The tattooing is the result of a deposit of insoluble color pigments (not) on the floor. These pigments form a pattern and remain permanently in the substrate. There are different types of tattoos that suit your personality. the Inkhuters is an app that simulates tattoos on your body
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The tattooing is the result of a deposit of insoluble color pigments (not) on the floor. These pigments form a design and remain permanently in the subcutaneous layer. However, the technique most commonly introduces these pigments using special enhancements in the second layer of epithelial tissue (skin) in the dermis. But there are other techniques used, such as the sumi, which uses bamboo instead of water.

The tattoo came first among the buses and the clans as a distinguishing factor of the group. It is estimated that they are occuring at least 3500 years ago. There is even a tattoo in the heart of Siglo VII of our times, and some of them are a symptom of modernity. Luego, with the social evolution and the tattoo itself, has become convinced in what I am, to decide, the other expression of the personality, a particular mark of the individual.

According to the journalist João do Rio: "The first man, to lose his hair, I discovered the tattoo".

The other form of tattooing was to mark the things that marked the stages of life, including birth, pubertal, reproduction, and change. In modern times, the tattoo has extended for the first time among sailors, and decades later it has become common among prisoners. It was for this reason that during much time the tattooed frames were marginalized.

The growth of tattooing on female skin is recent. Seen today as normal, it was once seen as an unusual way that tattooed women converged on circus attractions. However, he was always entertained, but there were still times when he was wearing tattoos for terrible purposes, such as marking Jewish prisoners, who were told during World War II.

Women's Tattoo App: INKHUNTER

This application is the most popular tattoo simulator used today, with the possibility of choosing among the numerous designs available in the application, including loading your own image. The application makes the necessary 3D adjustments so that you can see your future tattoo from all angles. Best of all, it's completely free!

Types of Tatuajes

Tattoos in 3D

It's in your face. If you want a body art that stands out and gets you attention, then those are all. If the pencil can be flat / curved, the artists of today can draw any picture that I have in mind. The three-dimensional tattoos will bring modern styles of ink at a completely cloudy level.
Artistic tattoo

Do you lean more on the creative / artistic side? Consider opting for an abstract tattoo style. If the abstract designs are fun to see, their best appeal can be found with their hidden meaning. We are realistic, a human portrait with four eyes, geometric cubes, lines of color and drops of paint, does not send a message exactly as clear as crystal. However, certainly to the observer of the design.

So if you want a piece of ink that is really unique, perhaps a design with a hidden meaning, the abstract tattoo styles are an excellent option.
Tatuaje written

Types of tattoos that present words with unique letters that allow them to read the same way from different points of view.
If this style of tattooing is only extremely popular for some years now, there is much less in favor of the more modern styles. By all means, this does not mean that style has not evolved.

By now, the types of tattoos written have become more ornate and elegant, with artists who apply their own styles of script and lyrics.
Colorful calavera tattoo

Do you have a discolored color tattoo? Take a look, a calavera the other one that you want with black ink and just discovered the explosion in place of style.

We are realistic, the types of fun tattoo are always for you, but your perception of the world is always changing.

If you have a piece of ink from the past, but you want to give it a significant meaning, the explosion of the tattoo is the perfect solution.


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Price: Free
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-The app is really easy to use.

-Before you get ink for a lifetime using or applying, you can see how your tattoo will work.

-Test way to use or AR

- Or the app does not allow the use of multiple tattoos and edit them

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