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Updated 20.02.2020

Telegram is an alternate instant messaging application. Telegram client applications are available for all platforms and devices. Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio and files of any kind
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Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging and voice over IP service. Telegram client applications are available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Windows NT, MacOS and Linux. Users can send messages and exchange photos, videos, stickers, audio and files of any kind.

The telegram was launched in 2013 by brothers Nikolai and Pavel Durov. Previously, the pair founded the Russian social network VK, which it left when it was taken over by the Group. Nikolai Durov created the MTProto protocol that is the basis for the messenger, while Pavel provided financial support and infrastructure through his Digital Fortress fund with partner Axel Neff joining as a second co-founder. Telegram Messenger states that its ultimate goal is not to make a profit, but it is not currently structured as a non-profit organization. As of October 2013, Telegram had 100,000 daily active users. On March 24, 2014, Telegram announced that it had reached 35 million monthly users and 15 million daily active users. In October 2014, the South Korean government's surveillance plans led many of its citizens to switch to Telegram. In December 2014, Telegram announced that it had 50 million active users, generating 1 billion daily messages, and that it had 1 million new users subscribing to its service every week.

Telegram client-side code is open source software, but source code from recent versions is not always published immediately, while server-side code is proprietary and closed source. The service also provides APIs for independent developers. In March 2018, Telegram stated that it had 200 million active users per month. According to its CEO, as of April 2017, Telegram's annual growth rate was over 50%.

Telegram messages and media are encrypted when stored on their servers, and client-server communication is also encrypted. The service provides end-to-end encryption for optional end-to-end encrypted "secret" voice calls and conversations between two online users, but not for groups or channels.

However, Telegram's security model has received notable criticism from encryption experts. They criticized the general security model of permanently storing all contacts, messages and media along with their decryption keys on their servers by default and for not allowing end-to-end encryption for messages by default. Encryption experts have also criticized Telegram's use of a custom encryption protocol that has not been proven reliable and secure.

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- The contact list is based on phone numbers and requires contact permissions on mobile devices.

- End-to-end encryption is not consistent

- Few people use Telegram, so you may need to convince your friends to switch places.
- Tarefas de mensagens simples

- Fácil de criar grupos/canais para comunicar com os outros

- Os grupos de bate-papo podem ter um grande número de membros

- Enorme seleção de GIFs

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