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Updated 10.12.2019

If you like to play people who lead a quiet everyday life, The Sims is a game created for you
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The Sims series will remain a phenomenon until there is a more realistic simulator of life, so far there is practically no competition ... And this is never a healthy situation. The Sims, the best work of Maxis, is a living example.

When The Sims was still looming on the horizon, it appeared to all fans of the series as a new beginning that would outclasse everything we have seen in this game so far. No wonder these hopes, because we have a time of revolutionary technological changes, so The Sims 3 with its unchanging gameplay formula and outdated graphics seemed to be the ideal candidate for radical transformation.

The creators, however, still prefer evolution, and hence the slow process of improving the series. And it would not be so bad after all, if not for the complete lack of competition. It makes the pace of change more than snails, and so criticized the dosage of the game content, in The Sims 4 has reached the absurd ...

Is it worth to bother with a new installment of the series? Of course, because the game still remains the same phenomenon that will grow in the eyes and become more attractive with each new addition ... only looking at the starting dose of pleasure served by Maxis, the real, really playable The Sims 4 can be expected maybe only in a year or two.

Without any doubts, it can be said that the Sims cheats will provide even more entertainment. They give us a lot of opportunities to influence the world of sims. At the same time, although the Sims requirements do not make an impression on anyone today, it's worth knowing them before playing.

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Price: Free
Category : Games
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About ..

Be creative inventive, giving Sims a unique look and unique personality traits, and a liveliness by choosing outfits and hairstyles. Easily build a dream home for your Sims and design the perfect interior and decor in a mobile game of unprecedented detail. Experience moving and funny moments with your Sims: achieve your career goals, develop your hobby, strengthen relationships and improve your quality of life. Party with friends, socialize in the city, take part in events and distribute stickers to your favorite Sims. What stories will you tell?

Personalize the look of your Sims with hairstyles, costumes, makeup and accessories. From the top of the head to the tip of the toes - the possibilities are endless! Also, make an extraordinary wardrobe using Izzy Fabulous's boutique. Choose for your Sims features such as "Active" or "Musical", and then develop their personality with the increase of their life experience.

Design houses in which your Sims will experience all the charms of life. Easily personalize the layout and appearance of homes, choosing from a wide range of furniture, appliances, decorations and even themed collections. Then take the Sims to great places such as fashion studios, restaurants and night clubs.

Steer your Sims' stories - influence their careers, hobbies, relationships and family life. Choose an exciting career path, such as a fashion designer or doctor, and exciting hobby such as cooking or playing the guitar. Make friendly or romantic relationships with other Sims and take risks by trying to steal a kiss or develop an innovative recipe. Start a family and set the trail for the next generations, handing over unique souvenirs.

Organize events and choose your Sims for parties to others to socialize and win prizes. Praise your home, make love, and even decide to move Sims to other players. Join everyday events such as "Quick Dating in the Park" or "Music Festival on the Market". Meet Sims of other players at parties or in the city and use the stickers to let them know about their charm, charm or uniqueness!

Support your Sims in everyday matters and at momentous moments in a variety of ways and see where they will live, in The Sims Mobile!

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- you do not have to worry about the sim needs

- You do not have to spend a whole day meeting Sims' needs

- improved SI

- emotions and their consequences

- new animations

- combining interaction

- improved interface

- a more intuitive wizard and build mode

- it turns on for a long time

- you can not move things when someone uses them

- glaring lack of basic and obvious options and facilities


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