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Updated 30.05.2020

It is an application that allows you to record short videos, generally with musical dubbing, dances, clips or humorous scenes. The application is free and can be installed for iOS and Android devices. If you create an account you can interact with other users like follow, like, comment and more. You can also share content from there on other known platforms
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The TikTok, previously called Musical.ly, is an application that allows you to record short videos, usually with musical dubbing, dances, clips or humorous scenes. The application reached the list of the most downloaded in the United States in October, with 130 million users, and being in front of Instagram and Facebook. The service is feverish among the young Asian public, especially among the Chinese, but it is also successful in Brazil. Influential celebrities on other social networks, such as Winderson Nunes, have already hit the 200,000 fan mark on TikTok.

TikTok is an application for Android and iPhone (iOS) directed exclusively for the recording and publication of short videos, which can take from 15 to 60 seconds, with dubbing as the main focus. The most famous dubbing is mostly done by people using a humorous tone or doing dance choreography. It is also allowed to record videos without the dubbing function, using the audio from the microphone. The application has a social network format and users can follow the profiles of others, enjoy, comment and share publications. To access, it is possible to use email or data from Facebook, Google or Twitter.

To perform the dubbing, the user can access an extensive catalog of TikTok itself, which offers national and international songs. The tracks are separated by category, among the most famous of the moment or by musical genre. When viewing a video from a friend, the app also displays the artist's name and the music used in that dub, so that the user also has access to it. When recording a video or sending a file from the gallery, it is possible to mix the volume of the ambient sound and the chosen track to create an ideal loudness.


The first thing you should do is Download TikTok Free and install the application. When you are inside the official website and download the app, and the download process is finished, you can click and open the app. You will be asked if you allow notifications and this is how the application will work. You just need to scroll down to see the following people and their videos. So if you scroll up, you will return to the previous ones if you really liked it. If you want to update this main page, scroll down to the bottom. Once you like someone's videos, you can't interact with them if you don't have an account: these services are available to people with existing TikTok accounts.

Another way to create a TikTok account is at the bottom of the page, it has nice symbols that represent Home - with a house building, search - with a magnifying glass, you have more, which is the button to create video, which has your message tab where you can see your messages and has your profile icon.

For those who need to create a TikTok account here the steps:

You can use the phone or email or you can use Facebook, Google or Twitter. TikTok requires you to be at least 12 years old, so go ahead and type in your birthday, then you will have to type and send an email or phone number on this page, you will get a four digit code on your phone and go ahead and type that and It will create a TikTok account for you.

Let's talk about other people's videos: if you swipe to the left of the video you like, you will access your profile where you simply press Follow to follow that person. Now you can see all your videos below and click each one to upload and you can always scroll up to see more of your videos. This is how you see someone and you can go back to the home page and find another good TikTok user account or video. Sometimes you can follow TikTok accounts created by fans of, say, a sports team or association.

If you look at how to leave the comment, check the three dots- symbol on the right side and leave your comment there and just hit submit. You can like, comment, save or whatever you want. There are many options you can explore to see how they work, just remember to be nice to people. It is also possible to share some of the TikTok content with other social media platforms. We can recommend that you search the web for TikTok videos and you will find many compilations on web platforms like YouTube for example.

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Price: Free
Category : Rede Social
Developer : ByteDance
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How to make a video from TikTok

At the bottom of the main application screen you will see a "+" symbol. To start recording, you will have to press the button that will take you to a new screen where the camera will be activated. On the right side, you will now have a new series of buttons and options.In TikTok the main idea is to make videos according to the songs. Be a video that literally imitates them, or funny videos that keep pace with the music. To record, you have to press the red button and stop when you want.

You can also apply different recording modes, such as normal, fast, lapse, epic and slow, and also different effects. In the options on the right side, you can change the recording camera, choose filters, set a timer, activate or deactivate beauty mode and use the flash.
Now you just need to start using the app and learn tricks to create the best videos.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

-Create or already use hashtags for your video bomb even more, as it functions as a Facebook hashtag, for example, in that you add "#" your videos to a wider range. But that sets apart that this app works as a challenge, in which you pay attention to your version of the music and dance being challenged.

-Be creative in choosing the effects. Or application offers you a variety of options to edit your video leaving you more optimized, more or differential of your creativity.

- Your children's creativity will improve - They have exceptional creativity when creating music videos on TikTok. Usually, they do it to get the maximum number of followers musically for their profile.

- They will commit to this, and therefore we do not have to pay attention to them.

- Who knows if they are going to be the next Justin Bieber or Shakira? If that happens, we'll get some fame, too, right? Therefore, it is good to support and motivate them if you believe in their skills and creativity.

- They are always happy - They love TikTok because it entertains and amuses them. Therefore, we should not withdraw it completely in one day suddenly. That will surely bring negative results.
- They will avoid food, and we will have to force them to eat it all the time. It is not possible if you are going through a busy life.

- They will not worry about their studies

- The energy bill will skyrocket - Yes, your kids will abuse their devices to use TikTok, and that will increase the energy bill to a hectic level.

- You cannot get their presence because they are always busy creating videos for their music page.

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