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Updated 20.02.2020

Tinder is one of the applications to link more fashionable of how many are available for download. The huge number of registered users and its simplicity are undoubtedly its two great strengths
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Not long ago, linking was something that was reserved for nightclubs, the odd library and crowded places, but with the time passing and the arrival of new technologies, linking is possible, even using our mobile device, and one of the many applications that are available for download. Among the advantages we find is that we can find love, without leaving home, without having to fix ourselves and without spending a single euro. The cons are also many, but we leave them for another time.

Tinder is probably the most famous and popular application to link, of the increasing amount that we can find in Google Play and the App Store. The huge number of users who are registered and above all the ease of use, are its two great exponents, which have made it one of the most used methods in recent times to find a partner.

As we said its use is tremendously simple, since it will suffice to register, something that will not take more than a couple of minutes, and begin to meet people. Of course, you must make a "match" to start chatting. In case you have never tried Tinder, a match is the closest thing to a "Like" in Facebook, with which the other person should agree, to make way for a talk.

In addition one of the great advantages of Tinder, is that thanks to geolocation we can order users of the application based on distance, something really important when it comes to finding friends, a relationship or even something else. It does not make much sense, although it is not totally ruled out either, trying to find a loving relationship thousands of kilometers away.

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Price: Free
Category : Dates
Developer : Tinder Inc
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Once again Tinder is a totally free download application, although with integrated purchases within the application, which in many occasions will be more than necessary to be able to perform certain things. Luckily, if you do not want to spend even a single euro, you can also do it, although you should keep in mind that if you go out and spend a Saturday night, the odd euro will be spent, you can now invest in this more and more. popular application. Finally we must warn you of the many dangers that the use of Tinder entails, and not only by the integrated purchases, but also by the multitude of false profiles that abound in search of nothing good, the malware that circulates at full speed, and even Sometimes the lack of privacy that makes our data can be fully exposed without us being aware. If you're going to start using Tinder to flirt, be very careful, and get to know the other people very well, before you go out and meet them, lest you want to go fast, you'll have some surprises. And if you do not believe all this that we are telling you and recommending, take a look at all the information that exists in Google, and possibly begin to grow in everything we have told you. Have you ever used Tinder to flirt, meet friends or for other very different purposes?

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- 'Use Tinder very carefully as not all registered users looking to flirt and find true love like you'
- 'Take advantage of the many advantages that this application offers us with respect to others and maybe you will find the love of your life'
- 'Tinder is a free application, which if you're not careful can lead you to lose a few hundred euros'

- 'The number of registered users is immense with what opportunities to link with virtually endless'
- 'Simplicity is one of the great flags of Tinder, and although it is the first time you use this application you will not have any problem to learn to manage it in a few minutes'
- 'Although there are with some limitations, we are facing a free application, something that does not abound too much in this subject'
- 'Being free, makes Tinder an application full of dangers'
- 'Finding love is sometimes a complicated mission and we could almost say impossible'
- 'Tinder's battery consumption is very high since it constantly uses our location. If you want to arrive with a battery at the end of the day, be very careful '

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