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Updated 30.05.2020

A mobile phone game that you can play with your friends. A cartoon style adventure and puzzle game. If you are looking for a way to play really well. You can join teams or create your own teams, the game has many easy rules and many levels to play
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Toon Blast is a very fun puzzle game in which you have to keep track of the combinations of elements and colors. Very rich game with colorful colors and extravagant shapes. The game is suitable for people of all ages, because it has an extremely adventurous spirit, looks very fun and lively, and can be played with friends. What else do you need in a game?

When playing Toon Blast, it is imperative to learn how to join a team or how to create a team. At the bottom of the screen, when you download the game, you can see a symbol of people saying that your team has the ability to create their own team that other players can join, or you can search for teams already created and join them. You will be able to see team information such as score, weekly help, level, team type and who is the leader. It also has a chat window where you can send messages to your friends and ask for help.

You can request a live chat for your friends to help you. Every time we insist on helping a friend, we earn a coin.

By clicking on the house symbol at the bottom of the screen, you can see what level they are on. Then, if they click on your heart, they can see how much life you have.

As soon as you start to download Toon Blast, select the level you can access to play and click the green button. The game will load, a panel of squares of green, red, blue, yellow and 5 yellow ducks will appear, which you must send to the lowest point. To accumulate them when you save everything, the game ends and you pass the level, you have a limited number of moves to make.

As you progress from one level to another, a chest appears containing gifts like +20 gold coins, dice and other tools that can help you develop the game to earn more points.

Then you find another mission in which the game alerts you that the address is random, the screen appears divided into four panels; the two above with yellow ducklings mixed with pink balloons that have white stars; and underneath are two panels filled with red, green, and blue squares. As you join the colors, some blue bonus arrows appear that eliminate entire rows, as well as boxing gloves, hammers, and dice.

The game is very enjoyable! You have different bonuses and sensational goals!

Maximum gold is approximately 50k (which equals approximately $ 500), the good idea is to understand how to move in this game with minimal loss of life.

Triple Crown Rush status means that you have successfully passed three levels in a row without feeling. That means that every time you win a level consecutively, you start the next level with a victory: two elements: a rocket, a bomb that starts on your map, two crowns, two windsor, a double crown race would be: four elements of the crown, which is definitely a much more logistical benefit, because you get that chance of getting a bomb and rocket combination.

And of course a triple crown run is even bigger on a white board because you can get six, it will start with six items - three rockets and three bombs on each level.

If you just think in general that each item, each rocket, dice, hammer, envy, boxing glove and disco ball, as a general rule, everything costs around 100 gold. This does not mean that you have to pay to progress in the game. You can even go to the Champions League, which means that once you reach the maximum number of levels (in every two weeks, they release 50 levels), when you reach this level, you will enter what is called the Champions League.
Where they basically throw you very hard levels in a row.

How do you get thousands of gold every week?

Check your star tournament and also the winning team can help you. This is 2k gold (for example) person on a team each week. And if you beat some people in battles, you can earn another 2k (for example). Keep in mind that these are just a few basic tips an average player faces.

So go ahead, fight your competitors, don't skip individual tournaments and use your strategy and you will eventually win all these stars.

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Price: Free
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-Collect different things in the game

-You can play with friends

-They can send you lives
-There are cash purchases

-Many updates

-It has a lot of space to compare with similar games.

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