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Updated 30.05.2020

If you are interested in events and games, join the popular social media platform today. You can search through several different topics and watch the best videos about games or tutorials or coaches and teachers on the live stream. The popularity of Twitch channels is increasing and there are currently tens of millions of channels
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Fans of video games around the world like to play and at the same time watch how others do it, and here comes into play the Twitch platform, an Amazon-owned social network that is creating at a very high rate.

Maybe those who are not related to online video games do not know it, but Twitch is one of the most visited pages in the world, so much so, that in 2014 it was the fourth most visited website in the United States, concentrating around 2% of total traffic. Not even google has managed to reverse this circumstance with its firm and emphatic commitment to youtube gaming.

In Twicht, it is mainly about allowing other users to participate in the experience of playing a video game and for this, the players show the community what they see on their screen. Currently it is also expanding to other live broadcasts such as NFL games or Golf games and this video streaming portal is expanded with other features other than YouTube that make the platform a new experience and an active community. for his famous chat.

The streamers (the players who broadcast live) apart from playing well, must have a great personality to attract the interest of the viewers, that is why many streamers use a web camera in their direction to see each other and it is just like the popular videos Lets play on youtube streamers' reactions are essential to attract viewers.

The image of the player appears in a reduced format on the game itself, but many players use the green background to show themselves on the image of the video to make their presentation much more striking.

At the bottom of the videos, the profile informs about the players, and this is often the place where the hardware used is pointed out, it informs users about their own social networks, in addition to the chat that is next to the videos viewers can contact streamers.

The star games on Twitch are Counter Strike, League of Legends or Warcraft. Although the game that is currently shooting the most is the famous Fortnite that has gone viral thanks precisely to youtubers.

But how was Twitch born? Where does this clear rival for YouTube come from? Download Twicht

Twitch was born with another name, at first it was called, surely one of you sounds familiar, right? It was founded by Justin Kan and Emmet Shear in early 2007, there they created a video platform that made it easy for anyone to broadcast live to an interactive audience that had their own chat room; But it was when Mchip shifted focus to gaming that exploded in popularity.

It is that the creator Emmet Shear himself was a lifelong player and understood the value of a site where people could interact with high-level players and in 2011 was born. With the creation of this platform, it fueled the insatiable hunger of millions of gamers. Fans of games like LOL turned to this streaming social network, and many, most even without playing, just hanging out in chat.

In addition, video game creators were benefiting since for the first time they could earn money by sharing their creations directly with fans who were happy to exchange comments within the virtual community that Twitch provided them.

And 3 years after its launch in 2014, Amazon went ahead of Google and bought Twitch. And it was precisely YouTube one of the reasons why both companies could never reach an agreement, when the news of Google's interest in buying twitch broke, the legal team of YouTube got down to work to try to dissuade if the purchase of twtich it could create problems related to competition law and that made it impossible to close the deal. Although there were meetings, conversations, and negotiations in this sense, the truth is that the agreement was not as close as perhaps it was implied.

Well, in the end it was Amazon that offered the best conditions for Twitch. It has finally built a platform capable of bringing together tens of millions of people who watch billions of minutes of games a month and even live lectures.

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Price: Free
Category : Entertainment
Developer : Google Commerce Ltd
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About ..

1. Watch live videos of your favorite games and chat with broadcasters and other viewers.
2. Go to livestreaming using the button and share your passion with the world.
3. Use the application at any time and at any time.

Our application is available on many platforms

Stationary Twitcha application

All your favorite communities, friends and games in one place.

Twitch on Iphone

Use our universal application to watch games that you love and talk to the players you follow. Look for Twitch in the App Store.

Twitch on Android

Use our Android app to watch and talk about your favorite games, broadcasters and events. The application is intended for use both on smartphones and tablets.


Broadcast your Android game materials on Twitch with a few simple touches. When you're done, use our app to watch other people play games.

PlayStation 4

Thanks to the Twitch service for PlayStation 4, you can transmit game transmissions at the touch of a button. Just press Publish.

Xbox 360

Enjoy Twitch in the comfort of your living room. There is also Kinect, which means that you can handle your application with your voice or hand movement.


You can easily send a live video from Twitch from your Android device, to an iPhone, iPad or laptop directly to the TV. Any device connected via Wi-Fi will change into a TV remote control and can also be used to control the transmission.

Fire TV

Change your multi-screen TV into a personal movie screen for playing with our Fire TV application.

Join Twitch and see for yourself!

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- Communicate with your community

- Collaborate with other streamers whenever you can

- Be patient

- Build a community.

- A chance for fame.

- Can promote things if you are a big streamer in the long run (advertise).

- Money from donations.

- Doing what you love (playing games while receiving payment).

- You can help others or cooperate with your favorite streamers.
- It takes a long time before you start if you start from scratch (you're not known or popular on Youtube or other social media before streaming).

- It can be emotionally harmful because you get a lot of insults.

- It is very difficult to get a partnership.

- If you can not think of something that could be unique or attract people's attention, beginnings will be difficult for you.

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