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Updated 07.04.2020

An application that takes you wherever you want in the easiest and most economical way
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Category : Travel and tourism
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Uber is a practical platform that connects users to partner drivers, users who want to move from one place to another with affordable prices.

The objective of uber is to bring to cities a new alternative of simple, safe and convenient mobility.

All this through a smartphone application, available free of charge in the application stores for iPhone / iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Creating the Uber user account is also free. When you open your application, you confirm the location where you want to call the vehicle, pre-determined with access to the GPS of the phone. You can also estimate the cost of the trip before calling the vehicle.

When calling the vehicle, you have access to the name and photograph of the driver, as well as the vehicle's make and registration, while watching the driver arrive at you in real time. The user can enter his destination in the application, which shows him the the quickest way to get there, and lets you share the route in real time with friends and family, ensuring you arrive safely to your final destination.

When you finish the trip, just leave the vehicle - the payment is automatic and electronic, through the bank card registered in the application, making the experience not only more convenient, but also safer and transparent. At the end of the trip, the user has access to an e-mail with all the details of it, and an electronic invoice detailing the value of the trip and the VAT paid. All trips are evaluated by the users, ensuring a high quality of service.

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Price: Free
Category : Travel and tourism
Developer : © Uber Technologies Inc.
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About ..

Uber cars do not have a "square" where they are. To contact a uber car we have to use the application, which tells us the name of the driver, what is the brand of the car, the registration and the time and route that will do until arriving at you.

How to use Uber:

  1. Using Uber is very easy. See a simplified step-by-step and learn how to order yours:

  2. Download the app on the AppStore or on Google Play or, if you prefer, access the official Uber website.

  3. Complete your registration with your personal data.

  4. Fill in the address of your destination in the Where To

  5. Confirm your departure address and choose the category you want to use.

  6. We remind you that some Uber categories are only available in some cities so far.Choose your form of payment, check your trip and the average waiting time of the vehicle and confirm.

  7. The app or website will display the data of the vehicle and the partner driver.

  8. Prior to the arrival of the car, you can use the app or website to contact the partner driver or cancel the trip.

  9. Wait for the vehicle to arrive at the specified location. Before boarding, make sure your car and partner driver data matches those displayed in the app.

  10. If desired, explain the route of your preference to the driver partner. At the end of the trip, you will be able to rate your experience and leave a comment, helping Uber to improve more and more.

There are several tricks that hides this implementation that can be very useful:

- Choose a driver with a good rating;
- When making trips with friends, divide the price among all;

- Vehicle Insurance
- Affordable price
- There are lost and found
- Payment Automatic
- Active in few cities;
- In some places it is not possible to pay with money

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