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Updated 20.02.2020

If you are looking for a browser with which you can have either browsing, your social networks, an online store, music, videos, among other things in one place, UC Browser may be ideal for you
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Today we are going to talk about UC Browser known as one of the fastest browsers today. Browsing the internet from our Smart Phone is one of the most common tasks these days. Although the reality is that most of the time we use pre-installed browsers even if these are not exactly the best option, that is why today we want to introduce you UC Browser is a browser designed in Asia that is currently available on platforms such as Iphone, iPad, Android, PC and smart phones with windows phone. One of the characteristics of UC Browser is the speed of browsing, it has been compared from different devices of different brands and operating systems, this makes it an excellent option to try.

This application has many benefits such as it helps you control your data plan while you are browsing and also allows you to block some quite annoying advertising of some websites. It has more than 100 million downloads and a score of 4.5 being an excellent alternative to install on your preferred device.

One of the advantages that we will have when using UC Browser is the ability to download videos to our mobile device locally using a third-party application called Video Downloader for UC Browser that can be easily downloaded from Google and connected with your browser so you can download the videos you like most from youtube.

When you access the browser you see at the top all the favorite applications you have in case you want to quickly access from there such as YouTube.

It has a practical navigation system for example to quickly change from one page to another and thus manage them correctly.

It should be noted that you can select the anonymous mode too, I can choose to see in full screen, from add-ons I can download applications that combine with the browser and from there manage them. In the add-ons section if I press the + button I can add new applications to combine.

You can download themes to put in the background of the browser, you can also activate the night mode to give a rest to the view. If I press the 3 stripes button again I can see that data consumption can be managed, we realize how much it is consumed today and can also be seen the day before.

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- It is faster than others in the market

- It has a good design

- You can connect applications to combine actions
- Many annoying ads

- You receive many notifications

- Download failed

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